Di Cicco’s offers good affordable food

The area off Cedar and Nees has sprung up significantly over the past few years. Some of the new buildings in the area are a Johny Quick, a GB3 and multiple small franchises at the Parkwood mini mall. Last, but not least is the brand new Di Cicco’s.

Dicco’s is a well-known small Italian franchise owned by a local Italian family. This Di Cicco’s however is one of the nicest if not the best Di Cicco’s building I have ever seen. The freshly painted stucco building sticks out among all the buildings in the area. On the inside plants and pictures of old Italy surround the patrons as they sit around new tables in comfortable chairs.

The new Di Cicco’s still gives off the feeling of being in Italy. Almost every thing from the lighting to the walls reminded me of Italy. A group of five friends and I went into Di Cicco’s for dinner on Sept. 23. Di Cicco’s sets the example for a semi formal restaurant, which is warm and friendly.

“It’s very slow paced working here (Di Cicco’s),” waitress Britt Erickson, said, “Because people come in at very different times. It is good to work here, because all the workers here are very friendly.” All the employees greeted us with smiling faces and were very attentive asking if we needed anything or wanted more water.

“Di Cicco’s is not my favorite Italian restaurant,” Byron Erkenbrecher, ’03, said. “but I do like their red sauce items. My favorite item would have to be the New York Steak ($15.95).” The prices of items range from about a $7 meatball sandwich to about a $16 steak. If you prefer red sauce the recommended item is Nonno’s Pasta that contains chicken, green peppers and mushrooms.

“The work here is easy most of the time,” hostess Brenna Esoci, said. “I usually like working here (Di Cicco’s), because all the people I work with are fun and friendly. I’m glad I got to know everybody here.” The service was a little slow, but always very friendly.

I will return because Di Cicco’s offers good affordable food at the right price.

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Senior reflection: Ashley Garcia

Fresno Christian High school was the best experience of my life. I transferred here from Clovis North High School my freshman year. At North, I was surrounded by people who didn’t have the same morals as I did, and I really was just uncomfortable there. When I transferred, I was welcomed with the kindest, most warming welcome. My very first day here, I felt as if I was supposed to be here all along. I felt at home. I truly believe that moving here was the best decision I have ever made.

What I love about Fresno Christian is the family environment, and the small school experience. I love that everyone knows everyone, and we always come together to support one another. I have made friends here that I will forever cherish, and have met people that I belong with. I never knew that human beings had the capability to be so close with one another until I came to Fresno Christian.One main thing I really appreciate about Fresno Christian is the fact that we are based on Christ. Every single day, on matter what the circumstances, we always pray and do things the way the Lord intended for us. That is not something that people receive in public schools, and I will forever be grateful for that experience I got, living my life around people who shared the same love for Christ as I do.

Something I will never forget is chapel. My very first day here was a Tuesday, which was worship chapel day, and I walked in completely baffled because I had never seen anything like it before. There was a live band playing worship music that glorified the Lord and people standing up, singing their hearts out in symphony together as they declared their love for their savior. I was completely stoked to be a part of that beautiful experience.

This year was my first year in journalism and believe it or not, it was a very great decision. Journalism taught me many important skills that I need in the future such as communication, writing, and disciplinary skills. I am so humbled and blessed to have Fresno Christian High School as my alma mater, and I will forever be grateful for this school shaping me into the person I am today.

This writer can be reached via Twitter: @ashgarcia.

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Staffer discusses importance of public relations


The world of Leadership has many facets and different roles throughout its structure. Several roles stand out among the rest as these jobs require excess amount of work and time. Created this year to improve the communication between The Feather and the Leadership class was the position of Public Relations.

As the Public Relations (PR) officer, the traits of this position are organization, being able to take on stressful tasks and most importantly, being on time.

When being in office, it is vital to be an effective communicator, not only with members of Leadership, but with the rest of the student body as well. The position does not necessarily take up much of time, but rather requires thoughtful decisions.

Being organized is not required but it is a helpful quality that makes the job a whole lot easier. Each week, a Leadership article will have to go up onto The Feather.

The purpose of this is to let the parents, staff, and student body know what will be going on during the week. Having prior journalism skills helps make the job faster and easier to get through.

Public Relations is where you announce events and send out reminders to the public. It is good to have relationships with people around the school so they feel comfortable around you and share their ideas for the leadership class to take into consideration.

This position does not seem to be very important, however due to teenagers constant use of Twitter and Instagram this seems to be the only way to reach them. With this in mind, the Leadership class sought to make a deeper connection with the student body.

The PR position is in charge of both of the leadership social media accounts, that being said, this position also requires a lot of responsibility and trust. When the class decides on new events this roll is the first to know all the information and is trusted not to give out important details when told.

In the upcoming year, the position will have a lot more rolls to accomplish. The Activities Director, will be in charge of all the big events and the PR position will play a role in getting those activities accomplished.

This position is not one that runs for office, it is appointed to office. Along with the duties the PR is in charge of, the office must go to West Sierra League (WSL) meetings once a month on Mondays.

Being involved in an office position is a great choice to consider because not only are you taking a step in being a voice for the student body but you also get to bond with the rest of the student positions like the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Activities Director.

For more Columns check out Senior reflections: Sara Peterson.


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Senior reflection: Sara Peterson

IMG_9111Christopher Grossman | The Feather Online Archive

Sara Peterson will be attending Fresno State in the fall, majoring in Nursing.

After six long years at Fresno Christian, my time at here has finally come to the end. At the beginning of the seventh grade, graduation seemed like a lifetime away but it has come within a blink of an eye. Despite the many complaints about high school and how we cannot wait to leave, there is some place within all of us seniors that genuinely enjoyed their time spent here, even if we don’t think so now.

During my time spent at FC I know I have had one of the best high school experiences possible. Yeah sure, our school is small and maybe we don’t have as many activities as public schools, but everyone at FC has the opportunity to get involved whatever suits their interests. Our teachers put many extra hours into their students without hesitation and are willing to help us in anyway. Students have the chance to gain many close relationships within and out of our own class.

My most memorable moments at FC are with my friends at school events, most recently powderpuff. I have two younger brother who will be entering high school and I’m extremely excited for the experiences they will be gaining and I hope that they will make the most out of their time here.

Journalism has also been a big factor in my high school experience. My junior year I was very reluctant to join journalism but now I do not regret it. Serving as Editor-in-Chief my senior year was an experience like none other. I learned a lot about myself and what it takes to be a leader. Improving my writing, in journalism, along with expanding my use of multimedia are skills that will surely benefit me throughout college and career.

Through journalism I interviewed many high profile individuals along with getting to be a guest speaker at Columbia University, and traveling to New York City my junior and senior year with my friends. I’d like to thank Greg Stobbe for encouraging me to join journalism and constantly encouraging us to be better writers and interviewers everyday. Also my best friend Gaby Siqueiros, for staying by side throughout high school and being my partner in crime in journalism.

This writer can be reached via Twitter: @_sarapeterson.

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Senior reflection: Aaron Dewolf

AaronDeWolf1Feather file photo

Senior Aaron Dewolf recounts the treasured memories of his 13 years spent at Fresno Christian.

August 2001, I walked into Linda Tapley’s kindergarten classroom that would spark a 13-year long journey through the halls of Fresno Christian Schools. It would be at this school that I would learn, grow in Christ, bond with classmates, and meet lifelong friends.

I do not remember my North East campus days very well, but there are a few fond memories I still hold to. I remember my first “time out” in kindergarten, running laps around the field for PE, playing kickball during recess, and Mrs. (Nancy) Keck’s scrumptious gummy bears as rewards for good behavior. Sunny days and smiles were a very common theme on that small little campus.

We then graduated from the simple establishment of the North East campus to the immensely large Peoples Church property. As a third grader in Mrs. Yantis’ class, I walked into Building 5 in pure awe; a two-story building was too large to comprehend! And a playground complete with basketball courts, foursquare, wall-ball, and full sized football field made me feel like a real big kid! By my sixth grade year I was comfortable on campus and felt like I owned the school as I walked around at recess midst the younger students. However, what lingered ahead of me I never saw coming.

Junior high, those wretched, intimidating years were full of awkward changes and uncomfortable situations. Two years of my life so many people regret and would love to do over, but not for me. Contrary to popular belief, I loved junior high. Why? I am not entirely sure. I do know however, I was surrounded by a great support cast of friends, teachers who cared for me, and a God who loved me. For it was in my junior years that I found out who I was, and how much God cared for me, and how loved I am. Through mentorship, chapels, and the love people showed my, I grew in my faith and made it my own.

It was here I realized this place was more than a school; it was a home. A home for students to always feel welcomed, a place for God to work into peoples’ lives, and a refuge for those to fall back on in times of trouble. For me, Fresno Christian has been all those things and more. It has been my home away from a home. A place I can go to for help, a place for learning, and a place for fun. This school has meant more to me than mere words can say and will always have a special place in my heart.

Specifically, these past four years of high school have molded and shaped me into the person I am today. Junior high was a place where I discovered Aaron Dewolf was, and high school was a place for me to grow and test that character. I have been through highs and lows, ups and downs, and can say, by the grace of God, I made it through. This school has placed people in my life and given me role models that have helped me get to where I am today. I cannot even imagine how different my life would have been had I not attended here.

Yet it was not only emotional and spiritual support that makes me love this school, I have had more fun at this school, especially these past four years than I could have ever had anywhere else.

The small school environment has allowed me to get involved and partake in all sorts of events and activities. I have been able to try my hand in almost everything, from three different varsity sports, to CSF President, to being in the drama production The Music Man.

On top of that, classes are small enough to get involved in ways that at a bigger school I would not have the opportunity to, such as float building for homecoming or filming our NOTS movie each year. Plus cheering at events, from football and volleyball games, to powderpuff and MCing rallies and chapels; this school has given me the opportunity to not only get involved, but to be myself while I’m doing it.

As my days come to a close at this beloved place, I find myself with mixed emotions. So much of my life, so many of my memories come from this one place. Thirteen years of laughing, crying, fun, and love are coming to a close. I will cherish these 13 years and take them with me forever. Yet at the same time, I know I am ready for a new challenge, ready to embark on a new adventure.

This school has equipped me with the skills needed to reach the next level, and now it is my turn to take those skills and put them to use. I know ahead of me lies many more memories, many more friends, and many new adventures, but I will never forget Fresno Christian, the people here, and the things I have learned.

In closing, I have too many people to thank individually, so I will say this. Thank you Fresno Christian. Thank you everyone who I have come in contact with over these past 13 years, each and every of you touched me in a unique way. Thank you to my parents, John and Kimberly DeWolf, who made the sacrifices in their lives to bless me with this opportunity. And lastly, thank you Jesus Christ everything. Absolutely everything. I love you, Fresno Christian. God bless you.

Aaron DeWolf will be attending California Baptist University in Riverside, CA, and majoring in mechanical engineering.

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Student of the Month: Mariana Fikse

IMG_2320Alexis Kalugin | The Feather Online Archive

While freshman Mariana Fikse enjoys horseback riding, she is also playing varsity tennis and basketball.

Every month The Feather will highlight one student recommended by a teacher and voted upon by Feather staff members. Students are chosen depending upon several factors including and not limited to good grades, class engagement, positive attitude and special extracurricular activities.

Due to the Feather’s upgrade period during the end of March and April both a Male and Female student have been selected for the month of May.

May’s female student of the Month is Mariana Fikse, ’16, chosen by mathematics teacher, Jared Kaiser for her focus and curiosity in the materials.

“Mariana is a student who knows what it means to be an Eagle,” Kaiser said. “She is always willing to help her fellow classmates and is always on task wanting to learn more.”

Fikse first joined the FC community at the start of the 2014-15 school year after attending Cross Road Christian in Madera throughout elementary and junior high. Since her arrival, Fiske has kept exemplary grades as well as joined both the varsity basketball and tennis team.

“Mariana is a student who knows what it means to be an Eagle. She is always willing to help her fellow classmates and is always on task wanting to learn more.” –Jared Kaiser, mathematics teacher

Sports and athleticism comes naturally to Fikse who spends much of her free time outdoors or riding quads at the track behind her family’s dairy (located in Madera). As a first-year tennis player, Fikse says that she originally joined tennis for the team aspect however soon began to enjoy the sport as well.

“It’s a fun sport that you can play with almost anyone,” Fikse said. “There isn’t so much pressure because it is an individual sport so you learn at your own pace.  I first tried tennis because I didn’t know anyone at the school and I thought it would be a good way to get to know some people. But as the season went on I began to really enjoy tennis.”

She first started basketball at Crossroads in the 5th grade and has continued to build and hone in her skills since, as a freshmen on FC’s varsity level.

Team mate Olivia Tandadjaja, ’16, says that Fikse served as a vital member of this year’s girl’s basketball program as well as being a supportive teammate and friend.

“Mariana has such a positive attitude and always gives her all,” Tandadjaja said. “She definitely makes the most baskets in our team from her three-point-shots. She is also really funny and great to be around.”
Fiske hopes to help strengthen the girl’s program throughout the next three years and develop close bonds with her team mates.

“My favorite part is just being on a team and having fun and getting to learn the sport better,” Fikse said. “My hopes for next season are that we win more games and make it to the playoffs. I think next year we will be good enough to compete with a lot of teams.”

When not outdoors or practicing for tennis or basketball Fikse often plays the piano which she learned as a 1st grader. She still continues to take regular lesson and performs at recitals an average of twice a year.
Fikse has attended Cornerstone Community church is Chowchilla throughout her life and plans to become involved with the youth group over the summer.

Fikse wants to discover her future career by taking the classes that interest her. Though she is not yet certain about the exact path, Fikse considers a career in agriculture due to the significant role the family farm played in her childhood. Fikse accredits farming with her strong work ethic and with the appreciation of values and integrity.

“In the summer I work in our office and sometimes I will help my Dad with vet checks on Wednesday,” Fikse said. “It (farming) definitely makes you appreciate hard work and not take things for granted. I definitely would want to stay in agriculture. It’s like my life, I love it and I have never known anything different I guess.”

Friend Jenna Bynum says that Fikse is generally quiet but extremely caring and loyal.

“She’s quiet, funny, nice and caring,” Bynum said. “She’s just an overall awesome friend.”

Mother, Marie Fikse describes her daughter as focused and compassionate. Both parents want Mariana to stay strong in her faith and continue to pursue her interests and dreams.

“Mariana is a sincere and kind person,” Marie said. “She cares about others and has a sweet personality. She is humble and honest and works hard at whatever she does. She is a self-motivated person, she wants to do things right. She works hard and doesn’t give up easily. I see leadership qualities in her and a lot of perseverance. We pray that she will continue to grow in The Lord and seek Him first and His will for her life. Mariana brings joy and fun to our family everyday and we are proud of her and love her.”

Interesting facts about Mariana Fikse

• If Fiske was an animal she would be a bird so that she could fly.
• Her favorite food is Pizza
• If Fikse could have any superpower it would be super speed.
• Her favorite restaurant would either by California Pizza Kitchen or In n Out.
• She listens to Christian and Country music.
• She has four Labrador retrievers.
• When Fikse was in elementary school she read and re-read the Narnia Series multiple times.
• Her favorite subject is history because she likes to learn about how the modern connects with the past.

For last month’s Student of The Month, view Student of the Month: Roman Endicott.

This writer can be reached via Twitter: @skylerklee.

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Senior reflection: Trevor Beal

IMG_6778cChristopher Grossman | The Feather Online Archive

Trevor Beal will be attending Fresno State for a degree in business.

I have been a part of The Feather staff for two years now, I have experienced countless benefits of Greg Stobbe‘s continued teaching and collaboration with my Feather colleagues. Before I joined The Feather I was below par writer, every writing assignment that I received before then was a battle. I didn’t know how to formulate the points that I wanted to make or how to present them to a reader. But that all changed in 2013, since then I have written articles well over 1000 words and have been a part of two national championship Feather seasons.

This year was my biggest and most recognizable contribution to the paper, I set out at the beginning of this season to write about larger and more high profile stories than in the past. Interviewing has always been a strong suit for me and I put it into effect by talking to Robert Edsel, writer of the movie Monuments Men, Norris Jernigan, pin pointer of the atomic bomb drops, and Robert Whitaker who was the head of security for the World Trade Center during September 2001.

Journalism is not for everyone, hard work and creativity are staples in the career at any level. I would like to thank The Feather staff and Greg Stobbe for continually pushing me and my work to the higher possible level we could reach. — Trevor Beal

These stories and people forced me to better my writing and interviewing skills because I wanted to do their stories justice, I wanted to be known as that high school journalist that exceeded their expectation. Journalism is not for everyone, hard work and creativity are staples in the career at any level. I would like to thank The Feather staff and Greg Stobbe for continually pushing me and my work to the higher possible level we could reach.

The feather is a great tool that should be utilized by all students at FC whether it be writing a guest article, just reading, or working full time, you will not regret it; I promise.

This writer can be reached via Twitter: @beal_trevor.

For more opinions, read Senior Reflection: Ashely Garcia.

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Students gear up for annual powder puff game

IMG_2191Christopher Grossman | The Feather Online Archive

The annual powder puff game, to be hosted on May 8, will promote friendly competition amongst classes.

Those dedicated to winning have already signed up and assigned coaches for the powderpuff season. It’s time for the HS girls to put on their game face and gather together to practice drills and set plays.  Powder puff will be at the North Field, May 8 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The roles are switched for powder puff, the girls act as the players while the boys are cheerleaders for each class. Parents and family are welcome to watch the girls compete against each other.

In previous years the senior class has dominated the lower classes with its determination and experience in the game. This year senior Madison Sieb hopes to continue the winning streak.

“This is my second year in powder puff,” Sieb said. “I think that my team needs to encourage each other and continue the winning streak. To win all of our games on Friday would end my senior year on a great note.”

Sophomore Marissa Parker believes her team will do better this year because of the experience from freshman year.

“Since this is our second year, we might have a better chance of winning,” Parker said. “We need to focus on moving the ball and putting our plays to the test. This year I hope we win at least one game and if not two; I am excited to play the juniors.”

This is my second year in Powderpuff. I think that my team needs to encourage each other and continue the winning streak. To win all of our games on friday would end my senior year on a great note. — Madison Sieb, ’15

Junior Gillian Rea competes for her third time in powder puff and is looking to have a good time while trying to win.

“I think that we should focus on encouraging each other within the team to achieve a win,” Rea said. “It’s about having fun together while competing to win at the same time. I think my team could have a chance at winning if we work together and carry out plays we’ve worked on.”

Freshman Erin Wilson looks forward to playing with her class in this year’s Powderpuff.

“I am really excited, my sister Amber Wilson played it last year and had a lot of fun,” Wilson said. “I don’t know that much about football but I think our coaches, Roman Endicott and Tyler Villines, will help us. We already got together for a meeting and we are ready to have practices.”

Come out to enjoy a fun night of football games and cheer stunts to wrap up the school year.

This writer can be reached via Twitter and email: @j0sh_carter and Joshua Carter’s email.

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Avengers: Age of Ultron uses interesting cast, pulls in viewer


Junior, Emily Ladd, enjoyed the Avengers sequel and found it as equally enjoyable as the first film. However, she felt the story fell short in becoming its own recognizable movie.

The Avengers are back again this summer with another movie packed full of humor and superhero antics. Their world is different now, with 4 movies and a TV show released since the last Avengers movie. These additions bring new story-lines and characters into the mix, presenting new problems, allies, and enemies. But among all the action and zingers, there stands a question: How does the movie hold up compared to the first Avengers?Avengers: Age of Ultron follows the story of the team of heroes as they look for a way to continue protecting their danger-filled world. The movie opens with the six supers on a mission to get back a powerful scepter with mind-control abilities, used by the villain in the first film.

The scepter is held by HYDRA, the organization and antagonist of the two Captain America movies, who employ the use many alien artifacts and dangerous weapons as well as “enhanced” humans, like Pietro Maximoff (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) who can run at incredible speeds and his twin Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen), who can control and manipulate objects as well as mess with people’s minds. to fight back and gain control.

In attempts to fight these powerful new threats, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), also known as Iron man, strives to create an AI, Ultron, to help protect the world, a sort of safety net. But, as it usually goes with AIs meant to protect people, things start to go haywire as Ultron grows out of their control. Designed to protect the world, Ultron decides the only way to protect the world is to eliminate the humans causing the problems… like the Avengers.

The movie is a tinge darker than most Marvel movies, but the jokes keep the mood light while still leaving the weight and tension of the danger the super hero team faces. Some of the jokes are cruder than the last, but overall it stays pretty clean and keeps audiences laughing with sharp and well-timed wit.

The writing is solid, though some of the elements feel forced, when they could be more organic if given time, like the relationship between Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo). The movie relies a bit on Marvel’s Cinematic Universe to explain some aspects of the story. Since all Marvel’s shows and movies are connected, explanations are sometimes swept off to be addressed in the TV show or future movies. Parts of the film were also chopped, leaving remnants of secondary plot lines behind without much clarification.

Despite all this, the movie is still very enjoyable. In my personal opinion, I found the first Avengers to be better than Age of Ultron, but like both about the same. Avengers: Age of Ultron is a good movie. A little grittier, arguably still just as funny, and handles it’s huge cast of characters with ease. The acting is never weak, the new characters are compelling and pull you in. The story and action is well balanced, and it respects the continuity of the other movies, but seems to be too concerned about the future Marvel movies and stories and not it’s own tale.

In the end, Avengers: Age of Ultron is a great summer flick full of snappy dialogue, witty humor, and engaging action. It’s not quite like it’s predecessor, but it’s still good. There’s a lot of fun to have with Age of Ultron. It makes for a great movie to see a couple times over the summer and a good bridge that continues Marvel’s over-arching storyline.

Age of Ultron is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action, violence and destruction, and for some suggestive comments.

Avengers: Age of Ultron- 3 stars.

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Fresno Fire Dept. icon: Bill Phillips

150914-bill-phillips-ffd-004Jason Swain | The Feather Online Archive

Staffer Trevor Beal interviews Bill Phillips about his life and stories from his service in the Fresno Fire Department.

The Fresno Fire Department, known for its continued community support would not have nearly as much public attention if it were not for the past efforts of men similar to Bill Phillips. Phillips, former Fresno firefighter, has taken on many tasks in his lifetime to help support the Fresno Fire Department.

Phillips, at the age of 85, has been a part of one of the greatest technologically innovative periods in fire fighting history. Over the course of his 36 year career, Phillips encountered nearly every fire fighting situation possible, from brush to electrical fires.

Though he is highly respected for his valiant undertakings throughout his career, Phillips most recognized accomplishments were his efforts to preserve the rich history of the Fresno Fire Departments and other nearby departments. From old photographs to the restoration of decommissioned fire engines, Phillips has developed a passion for the preservation of local artifacts.

In conjunction with Phillips fire service he is also a veteran of the Korean War. Upon his return from the battlefield, he went to work at Hammer Field, now known as Fresno Air Terminal. At the air field Phillips worked on and repaired battle damaged aircraft.

In 1955, Hammer field closed down, leaving 3,000 employees, including Phillips, without a job. Desperate for work, Phillips signed up to take a test administered by the fire department. Out of 3,000 applicants who took the test only the top ten highest scores were accepted; Phillips finished 9th. 1955 marked the beginning of Phillips fire fighting career.

“The first fire that I ever responded to was a car fire in Fresno,” Phillips said. “I was stationed at San Pablo and Divisadero, I spent a full year there and enjoyed every second of it.”

Phillips explained the differences in procedures at the beginning of his career compared to the end. In the early days of his career, two fire rigs were required in order to fully extinguish a fire. A pumper and a hose wagon were the optimum rigs.

The response time of the Fresno Fire Department in 1955 varied according to the location of the call.
“We were required to be completely dressed and ready in 60 seconds,” Phillips said. “It didn’t matter if we were asleep, in the shower, or using the restroom we had to get ready real quick. The city was a lot smaller when I was working, the rigs weren’t quite as fast, but we still made it to the scene quickly because of our close proximity.”

 In recent years, procedures have changed, making the response times more efficient. However, the fire department 60 years ago could respond to fires quicker, strictly due to the size of the city.

Ever since the tragedy of 9/11, the brotherly bond among firefighters has become much more evident. Phillips explained how he has witnessed this “unbreakable” bond with his own eyes.

“Firefighters, no matter what station, city, state or sometimes even country, are like a brotherhood,” Phillips said. “Just look at the recent tragedy with Captain (Pete) Dern, there are fire stations in other countries with posters promoting his recovery. There was once this man on this job named Harvey. He became paralyzed, so the firefighters signed up to take his shifts so that his family could continue to receive financial support. They worked for that man for one whole year, for no compensation at all, until they convinced to police department to hire him for a desk job. This is just one of many examples where I have witnessed this seemingly unbreakable bond that connects us firefighters.”

Phillips first efforts to preserve local history began when he was on a fire call one-quarter mile away from the fire station. He explained how this specific fire would give him the opportunity to save thousands of photographs.

“We could see the fire from the fire station just West of us,” Phillips said. “When we got there we saw that it was a huge, beautiful home that had gone up in flames. We attacked the fire, put it out and then began our overhaul, which involves opening up walls, ceilings and other parts of the house to check for fire extensions.

“It was during overhaul that we realized that the house was the former residence of world famous photographer, Claude Laval, who had already passed on. We discovered a full basement under that house which served as Laval’s laboratory. I took on the responsibility of salvaging all the negatives that survived the fire and called some people to help that owed me, including the curator of Kearney Mansion and two other firefighters. We stored the photos in a huge warehouse until years later, Mr. Edwin M. Eaton, who started Guarantee Savings and Loans, took many of the pictures out and printed a book called Vintage Fresno.”

Phillips was later award by both the Fresno Fire Department and the Laval family for the good deeds he had done for the city and efforts to preserve its history.

Since then, Phillips has taken on many other responsibilities, chiefly the restoration and preservation of Fresno Fire Department relics. Phillips began his restorative hobby when he was young and learned of old equipment that was set to be sold for scrap.

 He could not stand the thought of allowing precious and historic pieces of the department be thrown away, Phillips and some of his colleagues discussed with city hall his plans for restoration and they were approved.

The city sold Phillips a 1917 seagraves pumper in 1959 and his restorative career began.


150914-bill-phillips-ffd-002 (1)Jason Swain | The Feather Online Archive

“I fired it up in front the shop at E street and Fresno street and drove it all the way home.” Phillips said. “She drove just fine all the way to my house and when I got home I parked her on my patio. The process of restoring a rig is different for every person, but I began by disassembling the rig down to the frame and sand blasting all the worn paint off. With the help of some people that I knew in town I painted the rig, placed the seats in her then learned how to do gold leafing, I did it all myself and I think I did a pretty good job.”

Phillips is the epitome of a conservationist, not in the environmental world but in the City of Fresno. He has worked countless hours to perfect his craft, he put in so much effort not because he sought out personal gain or glory but because he wanted to educate future generations on our societies progress and innovations.
Phillips said he is thankful for everything he learned at the Fire Department, both in labor and intellect. He was immersed in the departments culture for years and repaid the department by preserving and protecting its cherished history.
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Student of the Month: William Liao

IMG_9953 | The Feather Online Archive
Every month The Feather will highlight one student recommended by a teacher and voted upon by Feather staff members. Students are chosen depending upon several factors including and not limited to good grades, class engagement, positive attitude and special extracurricular activities.
Due to the Feather’s upgrade period during the end of March and throughout April both a Male and Female student have been selected for the month of May.

May’s male student of the Month is William Liao, ’16, chosen by school secretary, Michelle Warkentin for his genuine character and attention to detail.

“I think William should be student of the month because lately I’ve seen him being kind to the students,” Warkentin said. “He’s always very helpful and very polite when he comes into the office and he will ask if I need any help or those sorts of things. He always wants to make sure things are very clear and so I think that he needs to be honored for those things.”

Liao first attended FC in seventh grade after spending his elementary years at Maple Creek and as a homeschooled student.

This year Liao decided to join the drama department. The first year actor soon deemed the program his favorite class. He participated in Fc’s 2015 production of Music Man as part of the ensemble. Liao says that the best part about drama is learning to recite lines in various ways.

“I’m in drama for the first time so I’m enjoying that,” Liao said. “I thought it would be a fun class to join and since they were doing the music man, a famous play, I thought it would be fun to be in it. My favorite part about drama is getting to learn how to say lines differently and in different tones and getting to do all of the fun scenes in the play.”

I think William should be student of the month because lately I’ve seen him being kind to the students. He’s always very helpful and very polite when he comes into the office and he will ask if I need any help or those sorts of things. He always wants to make sure things are very clear and so I think that he needs to be honored for those things.” –Michelle Warkentin, academic advisor 

In addition to drama, Liao has played tennis with FC since freshmen year. The junior athletes’ persistence throughout the last two years has led in part to Fc’s impeccable record in the 2015 season.

“I have enjoyed playing tennis ever since my freshmen year,” Liao said. “Tennis has been going well so far. So far so good. This is the best year we have had; Fresno Christian has not lost any games this year.”

Teammate Andrew Moore,’16 says that Liao displays exceptional positivity and focus in each match.
“Will always puts out 100% effort each match,” Moor said. “It inspires the rest of us to play harder as well. He’s an encourager to the rest of us.”

On Liao’s free time he enjoys playing video games, watching movies with friends or simply spending some quiet time relaxing. Liao says that due to sports and academics, he often does not have the opportunity for much down time.

“I do consider myself really busy,” Liao said. “I manage my time well and sometimes I would have free time to relax but there are times when I am super busy and sometimes I don’t have time to relax. When I do, I surf the internet, play video games and sometimes listen to music.”

In the future Liao plans to pursue a profession in computer science. He recognizes the growing need for technological support and finds the study of computers interesting.

“Technology is taking over now days,” Liao said. “I thought it would be a good field to go into since pretty much every career is using technology and it makes good money. Also it is fascinating.”

Friend Nathan Wong attends the same church as Liao and sang alongside him in Music man’s ensemble. Wong describes Liao as a quiet and kind person.

“We were friends since the day I came here,” Wong said. “He goes to my church and that’s where I think I first met him. I would say that as far as personality he is very quiet and shy. However he is also a really nice person.”

Father Daniel Liao says that the family’s ultimate goal for Will is that he would remain strong in faith and develop the leadership qualities of a man after God’s own heart.

“Our number one hope is that he is close to Christ,” Liao said. “This trumps all other desires.
For his career we pray that he finds his passion and gift that God has given him and use it to be a productive citizen. We have always told him that our job as parents is to prepare him to be the best husband, father and/or uncle so long as God wills it. He knows that eventually he will be the man of the house and we hope that he is a Christ-centered leader of his household.”

Interesting Facts about William Liao
• His favorite book is the Harry Potter Series (he has read all seven of them!)
• Liao’s favorite movie is alien vs. predator.
• Liao has a Boston terrier and a tortoise that he got in the 1st grade.
• Liao attends church and Youth group at Fresno Chinese Gospel Church.
• If Liao could have any super power it would be super strength. He would use it to fight off criminals.
• Liao’s favorite restaurant is Red Lobster and his favorite food is orange chicken.
• Liao’s favorite video game is Super Mario Bros Wii.
• He often enjoys listening to Christian and Classical Music.

For a previous student of the month article read Student of the Month: Villanueba pursues passion for animal science, values relationships.

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Annual ‘Night of the Stars’ draws campus to elegant venue

20150328-fc-nots-017Jason Swain | The Feather Online Archive

FC’s annual formal event, Night of the Stars, took place on the evening of March 28.

With the second semester well underway, FC’s most anticipated event, Night of the Stars (NOTS), took place March 28. The event took place at a new location, Wolf Lakes, in the flower garden venue. The venue overlooked the lake and was surrounded by various gardens.

Students were scheduled to arrive 5:30 p.m. for photos taken by Milne. While waiting for dinner to be served, students went on boat rides, took pictures with friends in the photo booth and enjoyed various drinks and snacks whilst mingling with their peers.

Steak, potatoes and various vegetables were served buffet style beginning at 7:00 p.m. The movies were shown at 8:00 and ended around 9:00. The award ceremony took place immediately after the movies and ended at 9:45.

The freshmen decided to film a quick 45 second trailer of the Karate Kid. The sophomores banned together to film Kicking and Screaming, while the juniors created a mashup of Jimmy Fallon and other comedic shows. The senior class worked tirelessly on their 45 minute film of Back to the Future, which won 7 of the 10 awards.

I think NOTS went exceptionally well. Wolf lakes was beautiful, everything went great, the weather was beautiful and everything turned out great. We are going to have NOTS again at wolf lakes, we would like to change from the garden to the lakeside. We will have to change the date to later in April. The only thing I would change is the date to later in April, which we will do next year. — Vickey Belmont

Sophomore Summer McGrew chose not to attend formal but looks forward to Sadies on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

“I didn’t go to NOTS because I didn’t want to and nobody asked me,” McGrew said. “I probably won’t go next year because I don’t think I’m going to Fresno Christian. Im going to Sadies because I’m asking someone next week and I’m really excited about the location.”

Leadership advisor Vickey Belmont enjoyed to the venue and has already begun to plan for next years event.

“I think NOTS went exceptionally well,” Belmont said. “Wolf lakes was beautiful, everything went great, the weather was beautiful and everything turned out great. We are going to have NOTS again at wolf lakes, we would like to change from the garden to the lakeside. We will have to change the date to later in April. The only thing I would change is the date to later in April, which we will do next year.”


20150328-fc-nots-014Ryan King | The Feather Online Archive

In a break from tradition, the venue was changed to Wolfe Lakes. The new setup allowed for new additions, such as a boat ride around the lake.

Morgan Koop, ’16, enjoyed the venue change, but wished there was more seating space available.

“I went with my friends and I really enjoyed it,” Koop said. “I liked the new venue and my favorite part would have to be the boat ride. The only thing I would change for next year would be to do the lakeside spot because there was more seating space. I like Wolf Lakes better than the Grand because it felt more open. It was very spacious and had more places to walk around.”

Kayla Camini, a former FC student, now attending Clovis North, was grateful to be invited to attend NOTS.

“Since I transferred to Clovis North I was a little disappointed I couldn’t go to NOTS anymore,” Camini said. “I had waited since seventh grade to go; I was asked by Matthew Tanaka and I had a very fun time. The best part for me was the photo booth because the pictures were a nice take home item. The event was kind of different because we didn’t dance but the movies were a really cool alternative. Afterwards, the group I went with, went bowling and that was a fun thing to do to end the night.”

For more about NOTS, read Search BREAKING: Changes made to traditional NOTS event.

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Fresno State hosts Armenian Centennial Concert


Dance Medley of Armenian Dances began with male dancers with Armenian cultural clothing and later introduced the female dancers onto the stage.

Evening of dance, music in memory of Armenian genocide

As 2015 marks the 100th year of the Armenian Genocide, various of events are planned to commemorate this tragedy. One of which is the Armenian Genocide Centennial Concert on March 8 at Fresno State.

This unique event gather the dancing groups Hamazkayin Niari Dance Ensemble, The Chookasian Armenian Concert Ensemble along with hundreds of descendants of survivors from the Armenian Genocide. The commemoration was separated to several parts which included two speeches celebrating the survival from the hand of the Ottoman Empire.

The Armenian Centennial Concert included ensemble and dancing groups as they performed several different songs represent various parts of the Armenian history. From the male dances to impress females to the wedding dance, from the escape of the Turkish to the desperation of the existence of God, and the age-old song written by Harutyun Syatian in 18th centuries to a brand new song written in 21st centuries encouraging the young generation, the concert has shown numerous cultures of the Armenian.

Founders of the Chookasian Armenian Concert Ensemble, John and Barbara Chookasian started the program in 1994. With the goal to perform traditional yet rarely heard music, John and Barbara along with six other multi-award artists performed over 15 songs in the concert. Many of the performances were folkloric which were played in several different timeline.

Few of the performances stood out the most were “Khossek Hayastani Lerner”–Speak of the Armenian mountains, “Garno Sharjoum”–The Call (to arms) has sounded, and the “Armenian Folk Song Medley”.

Khosseck Hayastani Lerner, song sang by Barbara, is a blue folkloric described the separation of the young, the family and the mother who was forced to leave her child and home. Part of the lyrics describes an Armenian mother desperately wanting to know the news of her homeland and the miserable sadness of her losing her son. Throughout the song, words “Ararat” was mention multiple times, which is the name of the mountain where the song was written. Armenian had been living on the mountain for generation, but during the genocide, Turkish took over the mountain along with many others.

The Armenian Centennial Concert is a great success. Although myself do not relate to any Armenian, I could definintely feel the struggles and all the desperation of the Armenian. As a person who enjoy art and music, I can not express the emotion on many of the elders faces when the first song was sang. It was so emotional and so comforting at the same time. It seems like after hundred of years of suppressing anger and lost of family is now first being relief. –Junior Feather staffer Michael Fu

Garno Sharjoum is a nationalistic song of the historic uprising in Province of Erzrum during the Armenian Genocide. Even though facing with great treats and risking their own lives fought against Turkish, many of the Armenian got united and stood against the rival power. This song provided a powerful message uplift the hearts of many Armenian people and given them strength to endure through the Genocide.

One of the notable song performed by Hayka Nalbandyan with saz, a traditional Armenian double-bodied lute. Played like a guitar, lute is also called bazouk. The instrument can cover large range of area. The song was origin from the folk dance. This medley is quick yet simple allowed many quickly immerse into the music.

Beside performing music and singing, the concert also invited dance group from L.A., Hamazkayin Valley Chapter Niari Dance Group was found in 2000 with 27 dancers, it now has over hundred of dancers. From aged of 5 to 28 years old, over 30 dancers participate in the centennial concert here at Fresno State.

Dance Medley of Armenian Dances performed by many of the dancers was a joyful performance. Four male dancers started the dance with Armenian cultural clothing and later introduced the female dancers onto the stage. With quick beat and colorful costumes, they quickly bring the audience to a joyful world.

Oor Aeyir Asdvadz traslate to “Where Were You O’ God?” is also performed by the Hamazkayin dance group. Song wrote by Mesdjian. This is a song of Armenian crying to God asking of where is He. The performance was slow and probably the most broken-hearted to both audiences and all survivors. Wearing purple dresses, a powerful message has sent to many of the outsider. Several eyes were fill with tears.

The concert is a great success. Although myself does not relate to any Armenian, I could definitely feel the struggles and all the desperation of the Armenian. As a person who enjoy art and music, I can not express the emotion on many of the elders faces when the first song was sang. It was so emotional and so comforting at the same time. It seems like after hundred of years of suppressing anger and lost of family is now first being relief.

Outside of the CSUF Satellite Student Union, a genocide monument is currently building right now and will be complete on April 24. Students and families are all welcome to the ceremony.

For more information about Armenian Genocide article and picture check out Armenian Centennial Genocide article in photo section.

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COMMENTARY: Heritage Music Festival 2015, my experience (Video)


Sophomore Jarred Coppola shares his experiences at the Worldstrides Heritage Festival, including a Disneyland day, March 5-8.

Fresno Christian awarded the overall Sweepstakes award, while jazz band, ladies ensemble win Gold

The Worldstrides Heritage Music Festival, a yearly event that choir and band students can attend, was certainly a blast, March 5-8. The experience I had in participating in this trip is beyond any other trip I have been on here at FC.

The first day that we left for heritage, I didn’t know what to expect. I was a bit frightened that I wouldn’t be included in much, this being because I was one of the youngest high schoolers there. We boarded the bus, and the second I got on, I could feel the excitement in the air. People were jump up and down in their seats, talking non-stop; it seemed like I was in for a great time.

I thought that the bus ride would be extremely long, but it proved to be pretty short and fun. I was able to hang out with friends, eat snacks, and overall just have some fun time to sit back and relax. Really enjoyed spending time with my friends throughout this trip, and I feel like I had a lot of time to get to know them all better.

As we neared Medieval Times, traffic started to get really bad, so we weren’t able to drop our stuff off at the hotel. This probably the only backfire of the bus ride, and it wasn’t a big deal at all either. Once we arrived at Medieval Times, we walked in the doors and got our crowns, bearing the color of our knight. We then took a picture all together, and went in the building. Inside there was a bar, some shops, and horse stables. The horses there were beautiful, pure breed Spanish horses. It was pretty cool to see them up close before watching do spectacular things in the show. After we looked around a bit, the “Prince” came out and told us the rules, and led us to our seats. We sat down, and were automatically greeted by our server. He was a really kind man, I wish I had brought my wallet to tip him! Anyways, the server brought out drinks for us, and the show began.

First, there was the introduction of the knights and the horses. Next, there was a conversation in the royal family. They announced the special guests, which included people on their Honey Moon, people celebrating their birthday and schools/ other groups. The “Queen” asked that the feast begin, and we were brought a huge chunk of chicken. The smell in the air was spectacular, it had everyone’s mouths watering! We started to eat, as the knights started to hold the tournament.

When the announcer announced the Worldstrides Heritage Music Festival 2015 winner to be the Fresno Christian concert choir, we all stood up, the cast of characters came out, confetti spit out, lights flashed, and we were going crazy! Leslie Banister and Susan Ainley went up onto the stage and claimed the huge trophy. Banister was crying tears of joy! –Freshman Jarrod Coppola

First things first, the knights used spears to try to aim at a target. After that, they had a round where the knights tried to hook a ring around a stick while riding a horse at high speed. Next, the knights had a jousting tournament, and fought another night to the death until there was only one left. Our knight, the blue knight actually won! It was really exciting to see the battles. Sparks flew when the swords would clash, there were also maces, axes and slings! By the end of the night, we were pretty tired. My group and I relaxed and watched some TV when we reached the hotel, we also ate some snacks. Then we went to bed, with great anticipation for the fun of the coming day.

The next day we woke up and got dressed, and immediately went out of our hotel. We got breakfast and boarded the bus to Disneyland! Everyone was so excited. We couldn’t wait to spend a day at such a fun place! After we arrived, my friends and I were practically skipping in pure joy as we entered the park. The familiar smells of churros, popcorn and many other tasty snacks returned to our senses. We all immediately went on a ride, which was the Radiator Springs Racers, in the new Cars Land ride. We had such a fun time! The line wasn’t too long either considering that it wasn’t a weekend day.

As the day passed by we went on many rides and continued to live a day in the “happiest place on earth.” As we walked through the park, we saw many familiar characters, such as Donald, Goofy, Mickey, Minnie and even some other characters, like the Evil Queen from Snow White. I actually ended up taking a picture with the Evil Queen, too! I have to say, I don’t ever remember the cast members at Disneyland that played characters acting so well! When we encountered the Evil Queen, she was pretty sassy, and she said things like, “I would have looked good in a picture even if I wasn’t ready to take a picture,” or, “Move! Move to the side!” She even asked one little girl to bow to her!

We ended up eating at the Tomorrow Land fast food restaurant for lunch, and the Plaza Inn for dinner. The food was really good, but it was expensive. As the day came to a close, we heard that Johnny Depp was in the park. But sadly, we didn’t spot him. The voice actor of Anakin Skywalker I the Clone Wars was also there!

Night fell, and we started to head back to our meeting place. We met and boarded the bus that headed for our hotel. When we arrived, we hopped in the beds, and started to kick bad for a bit before bed. I popped some popcorn, and we ate a little and got ready for bed.

When we woke up the next morning, we headed to the performance venue to start setting up for our performances. I was playing in the jazz band for the trip, because I was selected to go out of my percussion class. I played to congas, Trevor Trevino, ’17, played the bass guitar, Andrew Guthrie, ’15, played the saxophone, and Madison Seib, ’15, played the trumpet as well as Janae Shew, ’20. We thought that our performance hadn’t topped that of the other groups, but the awards ceremony that night proved us absolutely wrong.

After the jazz band performed, the ensemble, concert choir and junior high choir preformed. All of them did outstanding performances, and the crowd’s cheers showed major approval. We were able to go to Taco Bell while the choirs were practicing too.

When the bus arrived, we all piled on excitedly, eager to take our second trip to Disneyland. When we arrived, we walked through the gates and stepped right into Downtown Disney. I bought a Disney Sketchbook, which compiled of sketches from a lot of the major Disney animators. After that, we went to Disneyland, and went on a few more rides.

After we had rode a few more attractions, we headed to the awards ceremony. At the ceremony, the fireworks started to go off, but the loud noise made many people jump! After that we enjoyed the awesome colors and lights of the fireworks before the ceremony began. There was a little show put on before the ceremony, which was exciting. After the awards started, they started to explain the rules and what awards meant what. Then they started to announce the awards. Right off the bat, jazz band was awarded gold! Next, ensemble was also awarded gold, followed by concert choir being awarded silver, and junior high choir awarded bronze! We were practically in awe of the amount of awards we won. After all of this, Guthrie won the “If you wish” award, as well as the maestro award. Senior Ivette Ibara also won the maestro award.

After all of this, we expected nothing more. This was it. The overall Heritage Music Festival 2015 trophy was about to be announced. We thought we didn’t stand anywhere close to the bigger schools. But when the announcer announced the winner to be the Fresno Christian Concert Choir, we all stood up, the cast of characters came out, confetti spit out, lights flashed, and we were going crazy! Leslie Banister and Susan Ainley went up onto the stage and claimed the huge trophy. Banister was crying tears of joy!

Afterwards, we celebrated. We took pictures, crowded around the trophy chanting and cheering. We even went to get ice cream afterwards to celebrate. When the bus arrived, we were all ready to go home. We were really tired, after all.

As the day ended, we felt such a great joy to have gone on this trip. I felt so blessed to be a part of such a cool group of people. I really hope to go again next year, because the experience my friends and I had this year was beyond fun. Big shout out to Leslie Banister and Susan Ainley, this trip has been the best school trip I have ever experienced in my life.

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BREAKING: Feather shuts down for reconstruction


The Feather Online will no longer be a functioning high school newspaper, starting March 27. Please follow Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for updates and check back in mid summer for a revised site.

New website planned for 2015-16 school year

All things must come to an end sometime during their life cycle. The Feather has been around for more than a decade now and the technology holding the website together has become dated. Therefore, The Feather is being moved to a new website and will be shut down for at least one month.

The Feather will be signing off the Internet today, March 27, and students will be beginning their spring break and will return to school April 7. The Feather is scheduled to be put back up sometime in summer.

Greg Stobbe has advised The Feather Online since 1997 and thinks it has been long overdue to get with the times and come out with a whole new website.

“Since 2004, the current Feather version has been the backbone of Fresno Christian High School publications students. Today it is obviously an outdated website; it is high time that The Feather editors got into the 2015’s with a WordPress version,” Stobbe said. “So when The Feather shuts down, it will also give the staff and The Feather Online the opportunity for growth with new plug-ins and all kinds of features in the near future.”

Editor-in-Chief Sara Peterson, ’15, believes that this redesign of the newspaper will give veterans of The Feather a chance to train new staffers for their new positions when the seniors leave this year.

“I think it is good that The Feather is going to be shut down for a month, it gives us a chance to work with new staffers and to teach them things they didn’t really catch on this year,” Peterson said. “Also we are going to be getting our new website up and that will be good for The Feather because our website is outdated. Next year, even though I will not be here to see it, The Feather is going to do very well with their new website.”

This is a good plan because The Feather has a very outdated layout so it is a lot harder for the editors to edit things because they have to code then put in pictures. This new website will make it a lot more efficient. Also it will be easier to train new people next year and we are going to come back twice as strong. –Chloe Mueller, Co-Editor-in-Chief

During the construction of the new Feather website, all social media will still be available and current for those interested. IT Director Robert Hyatt will start off the redesign and the shut down The Feather Online, setting up a page where it currently exists which will lead readers to social media links including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. After the redesign of the Fresno Christian website, Hyatt is excited to see the changes in the weeks ahead.

“I would expect to see as radical of a change from the old Fresno Christian website to the new Fresno Christian website,” Hyatt said. “It will be dynamic. It will be unique. From looking at all the other websites that we looked into from other school newspapers, ours will look nothing like them, but it will be fantastic. I have no doubt.”

Junior Chloe Mueller is Co-Editor-in-Chief this year on The Feather and will continue on next year, solo as Editor-in-Chief. After two years of being in journalism, she is glad to see something new is happening with the school newspaper.

“This is a good plan because The Feather has a very outdated layout so it is a lot harder for the editors to edit things because they have to code then put in pictures,” Mueller said. “This new website will make it a lot more efficient. Also it will be easier to train new people next year and we are going to come back twice as strong.”

Please continue to look for posts via Feather social media and as more information becomes available, Feather staff and editors will share information about school and community news, sports and features.

“This is a good plan because The Feather has a very outdated layout so it is a lot harder for the editors to edit things because they have to code then put in pictures,” Mueller said. “This new website will make it a lot more efficient. Also it will be easier to train new people next year and we are going to come back twice as strong.”

This writer can be reached via Twitter: @KevinGarcha.

For more news, read the March 26 article, NOTS parents viewing scheduled for March 28.

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32nd FCS Auction draws community to campus (Video)


Superintended Jeremy Brown holds a young puppy that became a hot item at the 32nd annual Fresno Christian Auction, March 14.

The Fresno Christian Schools 32nd Annual FCS auction is a highly anticipated event in which the generosity and close knit community is exemplified. Each year, families and FC enthusiasts look forward to the opportunity for a fun way to give back to the school which has touched their lives.

At the March 14 auction, attendees were given a unique auction number and were able to bid upon different items including desserts, gift cards and donated items. Once dinner was served participants enjoyed a quick trailer of the upcoming drama musical, Music Man.

Over the course of dinner the silent tables began to close and a raffle took place where attendees could win a variety of different hundred dollar prizes.

The highlight of the night, the live auction, offered a wide array of prizes. Prizes included everything from front row seats at the 2014-’15 graduation ceremony to signed helmets from Oakland Raider QB Derek Carr.

Every table at the 32nd FCS Auction sold out within weeks. The auction brought in a record breaking $140,000+. The money is used in multiple ways but is focused on filling the funding gap between tuition and the amount needed to operate the school.

Superintendent Jeremy Brown talks about his first year at the auction as superintendent. This experience has given him a new perspective on the event.

“I love interacting with the different families; it’s amazing how many people come out here to support. It’s a full house. It’s a great lively events and everyone is here to support Fresno Christian Schools,” Brown said. “I went last year and didn’t really know many people because I was just hired. But this year it’s great because I know the community a lot better.”

For more videos, look for them in other articles or visit the video section of The Feather or check out Campus clubs sell Kids Day papers (VIDEO).

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Economics fair 2015 recap

Economics project provides learning opportunity for students

Students flooded the campus gym on March 18, 2015, to shop at student-made booths marketing different products.

20140318-Econ-Fair-001Dawson Triplitt | The Feather Online Archive

Each year Robert Foshee’s economics classes create products to sell during an economic fair. The fair was held in the gym this year due to rainy weather.

The annual economics fair (econ fair for short) took place with around 20-student run booths.

The fair is held with the goal of helping Robert Foshee’s economics and civics students further understand their topic. Foshee shared his reasons for holding the event.

“We want to find ways to connect information from class to a real world situation. We learn about supply, demand, budgets, but it doesn’t really get ingrained until you do something with it,” Foshee said. “They have to pick a product to make, figure out a budget for it, they have to market it.” I think it’s a pretty cool way to learn it without having to read a book or listen to a lecture.”

Students in groups of two-three designed products from food, clothing and jewelry. After preparing it and marketing through posters around school and social media accounts, they sold their products in the gym. Julianna Rosik, ’16, sold boba drinks with two other students during the fair. Rosik commented on the work and learning experience.

‘The Econ fair was fun, but it was also pretty stressful,” Rosik said. “We learned about entrepreneurship during the Economics fair and the process of selling a product, and though this experience I realized that I do not want to be an entrepreneur. My group did well with our product Bubble Joy Boba drink, but when we added up our total costs, we found out our profits barely made us break even. It was fun even though we didn’t make much money.”

We learn about supply, demand, budgets, but it doesn’t really get ingrained until you do something with it. They have to pick a product to make, figure out a budget for it, they have to market it. I think it’s a pretty cool way to learn it without having to read a book or listen to a lecture. — Robert Foshee, Economics teacher.

This is the second year the fair took place in the gym. Previously, the Economics fair was set up in the lunch area. The set up of the booths changed too, in hopes of making the process more efficient for the shoppers and the students to make it easier to shop and sell. Eunsol (Dana) Kwon, ’16, commented on the arrangement.

“I thought it was really comfortable and a good idea because I could see ever item easily and I could quickly find which food I wanted,” Kwon said. “I liked every booth but my favorite was one of the cookie booths.”

The next economic fair will be held with next years’ civics students.

Follow The Feather via Twitter and Instagram: @thefeather and @thefeatheronline. This writer can be reached via Twitter and e-mail: @ejLadd and ejladd@gmail.com

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FC spring break

IMG_8022Alexis Kalugin | The Feather Online Archive

Take the time to leave your comments on what you plan to do during FC spring break.

Spring is here, the sun is out and the flowers are blooming, March 27.

There will be a week long break for FC spring break, March 30-April 7. Enjoy time in the sun with family and friends, see you back in school April 7.

For more photos, visit AP meeting and Megan Tatham.[/fusion_text]

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FC 2015 NOTS at Wolf Lakes

00184Kylie Bell

For the first time in five years, the Night of the Stars venue is changing to Wolf Lakes, March 28.

NOTS (Night of the Stars), is this Saturday, March 28.

This annual fancy evening will take place at Wolf Lakes, beginning at 5:30 p.m. and ending at 11 p.m. We would like to build some excitement for NOTS at Wolf Lakes and would love to see all your posts about this years NOTS on Instagram and Twitter, please use the hashtag #FCNOTS2015.

For more photos, visit The Baby and Breakaway.

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“The Baby”

IMG_8016rJason Swain | The Feather Online Archive

Former Feather editor-chief Brianna (Stobbe) Phillips brings her newborn baby, Autumn, to show new grandpa adviser Greg Stobbe.

Greg Stobbe’s granddaughter Autumn Phillips came to visit him today in the publications lab, March 27. Today was dubbed, “The Baby” day.

Mother Brianna (Stobbe, ’06,) Phillips was an Editor in Chief of The Feather when she attended FCS. Under Brianna’s direction, The Feather Online won its first NSPA Pacemaker.

For more photos, visit Spring break and AP meeting.

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Breakaway at Peoples Church

Screenshot 2015-03-27 11.46.49Jason Swain | The Feather Online Archive

Each year Fresno Christian students volunteer with Peoples Church youth at Breakaway and sleep in tents during spring break.

Breakaway is a multi-church city wide collaboration built around the foundations of service and worship, March 27.

Breakaway will begin Monday at Peoples Church; volunteers from different parts of the city will work together to serve and help places and people in and around the Fresno/Clovis area.

For more photos, visit The Baby and Spring break.

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We will be back in summer 2015


The Feather Online has been a web-based paper since 1998 and needs an overhaul. Adviser Greg Stobbe and the new editors had hoped a new and improved site could be operational by the end of June but now a Labor Day soft launch is expected.

The Feather Online was created by Fresno Christian students in its current form in 2004 and revised in 2008. Since then Feather webmasters have tweaked it and added features. However, technology and websites have advanced to a point The Feather needs to be reborn.

While the award-winning FC online paper is under construction, please continue to follow The Feather on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The editors are planning bring back a new and improved, up-to-date Feather by the end of June, follow social media for more information. We will be back. However, a Labor Day soft launch may be more reasonable.

For more photos, visit “The Baby” and Breakaway.

Follow The Feather via Twitter @thefeather, Instagram @thefeatheronline and Facebook @thefeatheronline.

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Campus announcements: 2015-03-27


FeatherLogoFeather logo
By Katie Jacobson, writer

For the third year in a row and the fifth time since 2008, The Feather was awarded a Gold Crown at the 91st CSPA journalism convention at Colombia University in NYC! We competed for the Digital Crown. Only one other California school won the same award.

Check out Chloe Mueller’s article: BREAKING: Feather receives CSPA Gold Crown Award, March 20.

This year Night of the Stars will be held at Wolf Lakes on March 28 from 5-11 p.m. Tickets are $60. Tickets may be purchased in the HS office or during lunch in the quad. Pictures will begin at 5:30 p.m., order forms are available in the HS office.

If you enjoy writing, the Creative Writing Club meets in room 603 every Monday during lunch. This club is available to JH and HS.

All school students must be in dress code at all school sports events, both on campus and at away games. Students who are out of dress code will be asked to change clothes and may be required to leave the event if they are unable to comply.

If anyone is interested in photography and has a free 3rd period, please talk to Kori Friesen about joining Photojournalism. She can be contacted at kfriesen@fresnochristan.com.

Lunches may now be selected online. Go to the Fresno Christian website, select Campus News, and scroll down until the lunch menu is visible. Under the menu the option “Submit your lunch request” will appear. You may then select what you want for lunch!

No bills over $20 are accepted.

Monday – No lunch scheduled
Tuesday – No lunch scheduled
Wednesday – No lunch scheduled
Thursday – No lunch scheduled
Friday – HS Leadership; Pacifica Pizza, Personal pepperoni pizza, drink $5

Monthly lunch calendar

Click to submit lunch requests.

Stuff Mart, the student store, is open every day during the 10 minute break. It is located at the south end of the top floor in building six. Snacks and some school supplies are available for a nominal cost.

The Feather Online continues to tweet each school day up-to-date news and happenings. All students, parents and community supporters need to do is sign up for an account and follow @thefeather on Twitter on Instagram and on Facebook

To follow on Twitter:

The Feather (www.thefeather.com) – @theFeather
Fresno Christian School – @FresnoChristian
Fresno Christian Sports – @FCEaglesSports
Fresno Christian Music Department – @FCSMusicdept
Fresno Christian Athletic Department – @FCSportsAD
Fresno Christian PE – @FCEaglesPE

March 23-27 — SAT 10 Testing
March 27 — ACT late registration deadline for April 18 test
Cal Poly Festival for 5th-12th grade choirs
March 28 — Night Of the Stars (NOTS)

March 30 — Easter Break begins

April 7 — Return from Easter Break
Jostens Grad Delivery
April 9 — JH/HS Spring Sport Pictures

April 13 — AP US History Study Session
April 14 — Brother to Brother and Sister to Sister Training
April 18 — ACT Test

April 21 — Brother to Brother Off Campus Lunch
April 21-23 — Musical: Music Man
April 24 — Music Man Cast Party

April 28 — Sister to Sister Off Campus Lunch
April 30 — 7th Grade Science Trip

May 1 — 7th Grade Science Trip

May 4 — AP US History Study Session
Spring Concert (7th-12th grade)
May 5 — Cinco De Mayo Celebration
AP Calculus AB Test
Brother to Brother and Sister to Sister Luncheon
EL Fine Arts Open House
May 7 — Yearend Convocation/Day of Prayer
May 8 — AP US History Test

May 11 — Spring Sports Awards Banquet
May 13 — AP English Lang. and Comp.
AP Statistics
May 14-16 — Senior Trip
May 15 — EL Drama The Girl With the Golden Locks, 7-8 p.m.

May 18 — BMX Show
May 19 — Kindergarten Promotion
7th grade- John’s Incredible Pizza
8th grade — Promotion Rehearsal, 1:15 p.m.
8th grade — Promotion, 7 p.m.

May 20 — HS Grad Rehearsal, 8:45 a.m.
Senior Awards Assembly, 10 a.m.
Awards Assembly for grades 1-4 p.m.

May 21 — Half Day
JH Awards Assembly, 8 a.m.
HS Yearbook Signing, 10 a.m.
Awards Assembly for grades 5-6, 10:30 a.m.
HS Graduation, 7 p.m.

May 22 — Last Day of School!
Half Day
HS Worship and Awards Assembly (grades 9-11), 8 p.m.
JH Worship and Awards Assembly, 8 a.m.

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Feather enjoys wonderland, CSPA Gold Crown

ColumbiaGoldWInners2015WebRyan King, Photographer

The Feather editors accepted a Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) Gold Crown–The Feather’s 5th since 2009.

After anxiously waiting to hear the magical phrase “The Feather Online Gold Crown” to ring out through the packed auditorium inside of Columbia University’s Lerner Hall, staffers thirst for excellence was finally quenched, March 20. The Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s Digital Gold Crown is the highest honor that the CSPA bestows upon any scholastic publication.

This is the third consecutive CSPA Gold Crown and seventh time since 2008 that The Feather has earned a Crown from CSPA. Over 2,690 students attended the convention in New York City, representing 299 schools within 34 states. Some schools even represented neighboring nations, such as Mexico and Canada.

Even though the current Feather website was good enough to win a Gold Crown this year, change is coming. Publications adviser Greg Stobbe and The Feather staff have come together to support a new modern design that will be unveiled before next school year. Possibly even before the end of June.

The Feather website will be updated on a WordPress style site, in hopes of making the paper more competitive at the national level. This is the second year that the paper has not qualified for an NSPA Pacemaker, in part due to the outdated site and lack of digital media. The new design will provide a more streamlined access to school news and innovative media for the FC community. However, this is the fifth time the Feather has won a Gold Crown since its first in 2009.

The 2014-2015 run for The Feather is coming to an end, and along with it the end of many journalism careers. Students that have made the paper stronger by using their skills of interviewing, podcasting, writing articles or making videos will be out in the real world. Their skills will be missed by The Feather and new editors are beginning to learn what will be needed to produce a successful publication.

For more photos, visit NOTS judging and Welcome back.

Follow The Feather via Twitter @thefeather, Instagram @thefeatheronline and Facebook @thefeatheronline.

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Size scaling using mathematics

IMG_7972Alexis Kalugin | The Feather Online Archive

Katie Reneau taught her 6th grade class size scaling using mathematics, practicing on how to make cracker boxes to scale, March 26.

In Katie Reneau’s 6th period class, they practiced on how to make items to scale, March 26.

Reneau taught her students how to make things to size scaling using mathematics. For example the students would use a normal sized cracker box and create a new box triple the size.

For more photos, visit Megan Tatham and Choir to perform in Cal Poly choral festival.

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AP history class meeting


Kori Friesen, left, talks to prospective AP students about the upcoming Advanced Placement history classes that will be offered next school year.

Photo adviser Kori Friesen talks to students about the upcoming AP history classes that will be offered next school year.

AP US history and AP European classes will be offered to high school students next school year. Friesen talked about the reality and hardships of AP classes.

For more photos, visit CSPA award and Nots judging.


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Campus announcements: 2015-03-26


FeatherLogoFeather logo
By Katie Jacobson, writer

For the third year in a row and the fifth time since 2008, The Feather was awarded a Gold Crown at the 91st CSPA journalism convention at Colombia University in NYC! We competed for the Digital Crown. Only one other California school won the same award.

Check out Chloe Mueller’s article: BREAKING: Feather receives CSPA Gold Crown Award, March 20.

This year Night of the Stars will