LETTER: Fresno Police Chief gives thanks


The Chief of Police sent a letter to Fresno Christian administration thanking students for their day of service, Feb. 19.

Dear Editor,

The City of Fresno’s Graffiti Abatement Team Supervisor, Jet Lim, has brought to my attention the outstanding work the Fresno Christian School students recently performed which resulted in a significant amount of graffiti being removed from the public areas.

On Thursday, February 19, 2015, twenty-three students and two leaders from Fresno Christian School removed approximately 13,000 square feet of graffiti at 4827 N. Hughes and 5570 N. Santa Fe (Logan Park). Overall, the group donated 110 hours of labor.

I want to say “Thank You!” I am encouraged by your school’s hard work and dedication which resulted in a graffiti-free neighborhood. I am extremely proud of the level of energy and tireless efforts shown by the following Fresno Christian School chaperones and students:

Group #1 (Painting @ N. Santa Fe)
Leaders: Jon Penberthy
Jenna Bynum
Mariana Fikse
Kiaya Hargis
Hanna Hong
Min Lee
Maicy Luginbill
Krit Metanopphakun
Amy Ren
Melissa Tostado
Lauren Tucker
Carlee Whipple

Group #2 (Painting @ N. Hughes)
Leaders: Kyle Dodson
Trisha Cui
Kathryn Damschen
Emmaline Krohn
Maddie Luginbill
Macy Mascarenas
Courtney Messer
Olivia Messer
Chloe Mueller
Gillian Rea
Summer Villanueba
Katie Su
Gloria Xu

Graffiti often leads to other delinquent activities such as theft, vandalism, as well as, encouraging gang activity. Graffiti represents disorder and a lack of public-spiritedness. It also has a snowball effect on urban decay and undermines the public’s sense of security. Some citizens avoid going to certain places because they feel insecure, business owners get less business, and private and public property deteriorates. The result is that the public always pays the price (parents, neighbors, friends, and business owners).

Graffiti removal creates benefits that affect the community as a whole. Please accept my appreciation for Fresno Christian School’s involvement and, hopefully, we can look forward to future collaborations.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer originally sent this letter to Superintendent Jeremy Brown, March 17, in appreciation of the Graffiti/Abatement teams during Service Day, February 19.

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LETTER: Cultural sensitivity

the-feather-logoFeather file illustration
Dear Editor:

I agree that racism is still present in our society. After reading the article COLUMN: Racial injustice solution lies within us by John Dooman written on February 13, 2015, I realized racism has been around for a very long time and it’s not going away.

The article mentioned how the media distorts events that have to do with racial issues, and I completely agree. I believe that writers can alter a story purely to create more interest and have more cultural sensitivity.

I also agree with the writer when he says that racism will always be around. People can create opinions without even noticing it, and I believe the same thing can happen with a belief about another culture. However, I think that even though racism will never completely go away, we can all try our best to keep from having biased opinions towards another culture.

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LETTER: Superintendent cites FCS Auction legacy

IMG_5665 copyFeather file photo

Superintendent Jeremy Brown.

Dear Editor:

As our community gets ready for the 32nd Annual FCS Auction, I find myself in awe of how Fresno Christian Schools come together.

For weeks, donations have been coming into our office. Homemade crafts from students, signed sports memorabilia and even a puppy! It reminds me of Mark 12 about the widow’s offering. Our school is full of people that give of themselves with their time, talents and treasures.

All of the giving from our auction helps Fresno Christian Schools continue the legacy of providing an excellent Christian Education for over 38 years.

I am looking forward to meeting those who attend the 32nd FCS Auction and forge lasting relationships throughout the month of March.

The FCS annual Auction is a great opportunity for new members of our community, like me, get a chance to meet and have fellowship with people that have supported FCS Auction legacy for decades.

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LETTER: Childrens Hospital thanks friends

Dear Editor:

You know how chatty I am. But this morning, I’m speechless (well, almost). It’s official. Kids Day 2015 had raised $535,000 for Valley Children’s! That money goes to patient programs and services, helping kids like Neymar, this year’s Kids Day Ambassador.

A special “thanks” to all my newsie friends at The Fresno Bee, ABC30 Action News, KSEE24 News, KMPH FOX 26, CBS47 Fresno, KMJ, 93.7 Kiss Country, UnivisionFresno, Fresno State Focus and The Feather Online for covering the event! This couldn’t have happened without your support, as well!

This was originally posted March 10 on Zara Arboleda’s Facebook page, linking The Feather Online and the other news outlets as Childrens Hospital thanks supporters.

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LETTER: Spirit of serve day

feather-menuFeather illustration
In response to “COLUMN: Service day brings out human kindness:”

Dear Editor,

I do believe that service day brings out the best in us and that we don’t need a reward for serving, as the gratification from it is reward enough. In Rees Roggenstein’s article, he talks about how serve day brings out human kindness.

I agree with your points of the warm and fuzzy feeling you get inside when you serve another, as well as the bleak, hollow feeling you experience after an act of selfishness. I can say that I have experienced both of these feeling many times and the spirit of serve day lives on.

However, I have one thing to add regarding service. I feel as though a more genuine motivation for my desire to serve is that God has given so much to me, his forgiveness, grace and mercy makes me want to give back to the rest of the world to show my gratitude and thankfulness for all of my unearned privileges.

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LETTER: Respecting unique characteristics

In response to “COLUMN: Why every student should go to NOTS:”

IMG_9290Feather file photo

When someone decides not go to NOTS, other students need to consider respecting unique characteristics of student choice.

Dear Editor,

I want to start off by acknowledging the awesomeness of Grossman’s article! It was well written and engaging! Keep up the wonderful work.

Night of the Stars is entertaining; I’ve gone twice. As you’ve made known in your piece, students should consider attending the formal. Our opinions may differ a bit, though, because I believe going only once may be totally sufficient.

Let me explain.

Some people, myself included, are not super interested in social school events. It’s not a defect; it’s not a horribly debilitating illness. It’s a personality thing. In loud and crowded social situations, I often feel a listless pensiveness. In the eye of the tornado, my head becomes foggy in a strangely clear way. Perhaps most people don’t undergo this reaction, but it’s probably safe to say that not everyone absolutely loves large social gatherings.

So, why is there a push to be different? Trying new things is important, of course, but it’s maybe equally valuable to know oneself. N.O.T.S. is wonderful, but significance is exaggerated. A Fresno Christian student’s life doesn’t hinge on going to N.O.T.S. or not.

High school seems to prefer a particular student: gregarious, involved, and extroverted. But, not everyone fits into this category. I used to feel lost-as if I had to be someone else. Everyone is unique, and no one truly fits inside a box.

I don’t disagree that going to N.O.T.S. should be encouraged. But, too much ‘should-ing’ has the potential to stir anxiety and self-doubt. Just make sure we are respecting unique characteristics of the attendees.

Great article! It was fun to read!

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LETTER: Be God’s hands and feet

Dear Editor,

I believe service day is a great thing for our school. It is a way to glorify God and help fulfill the needs in our community. In Rees Roggenstein’s article dated Feb 18, 2015, he talks about how Serve Day instills student involvement.

I agree with Superintendent Brown’s statement: “Service day is a great opportunity to expose students to the concept of serving and giving of themselves.” We are called to serve others as believers of Christ. Jesus came to serve humanity, providing the ultimate example for us.

I Peter 4:10 states, “As each received a gift, use it to serve one another?” Service day is great, but we should be serving each other daily by our attitude and the small things with do for each other. Serving should be an everyday occurrence. It should be a lifestyle.

Keeping your eyes above and your hands and feet below will reflect the serving nature of the Lord.

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LETTER: Thoughts on work ethic

FCSLogoFC file photo
This letter to the editor is in response to The Feather Staff’s Jan. 21 article, COLUMN: Pushing through.

Dear Editor,

The statement that most New Year’s resolutions are just hollow words is too true. In Rees Roggenstein’s column, Pushing Through, he touches upon the topic that people make themselves promises without putting in the effort to keep them.

We as human beings want to set our lives straight, promising ourselves that things will be better in the years to follow. But how can anything change if we don’t take action to change it?

Rees mentions that the key to achieving success is commitment, perseverance and tenacity. I think that these frames of mind should be applied to any workplace, whether it be the classroom or the office. A good work ethic is the key to success in both life and career.

As we come toward the end of the school year, we should strive to finish what we started. When we put forth our best efforts, the result will surely be success.

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LETTER: Response to ‘Free Speech’

FCSLogoFC file photo
This letter to the editor is in response to The Feather Staff’s Jan. 16 article, EDITORIAL: Respecting boundaries of free speech.

Dear Editor,

Your newspaper seems to have a very moderate position in regards to free speech. I agree that our words can have consequences, but I do not agree that we’re responsible for how others respond. People can decide how to respond to words or events. Because of this, I do not perceive Charlie Hebdo as responsible for the tragedy.

What is offensive? Some people find certain things more offensive than others. Because of this, does that mean I should hold my tongue about everything? If that were the case, I would never speak again! Loads of people find Christianity offensive and repulsive. Does that mean we should stop spreading the Word? You will upset people, regardless of what you say or do. Joan Rivers made fun of everyone, and yet she wasn’t shot for her words.

Also, in your article, I noticed you wrote that, “We grow up hearing that every human is entitled to his or her opinion (which is true), but does that mean that every opinion is right? In a land as varied as America, that claim is not possible.” Wait a darn tootin’ moment. Since the Feather believes not every opinion is right, I’m guessing it’s considering its own opinions as right. I would love the Feather to lead me to enlightenment about the truest, purest, and most perfect opinions.

The claim of the American youths’ belief of free speech entitlement is also a broad generalization. I think your argument would be stronger if evidence from outside sources were included. Birth into a nation of rights does not guarantee a population of spoiled brats.

Anyways, that’s all I have to say about that. Anyhoo, I thought your article was insightful and interesting. Thank you for offering an opportunity for deep thinking.

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LETTER: Congratulations Immanuel

FCSLogoFC file photo
Elite basketball teams have existed since the sports invention, at all levels, ranging from professional to junior and senior high school. These teams are formed through years of practice and bonding of team mates.

However, in a matter of a couple of years, Immanuel High School of Reedley, CA, FC’s former chief rival, has rocketed into city and state-wide headlines.

Not only for their outstanding play and thrashings of former CIF Central Section Division I champions but also for their coaching and strategies.

Former FC students and coaches CJ Haydock and Josh Justin have constructed their team with outstanding former CUSD athletes, and a system that allows for freedom on offense.

Immanuel is a great example of how easily athletics can influence the size of a student body, and in their case, bolster it in a two-year time line. Haydock and school officials have used their wit to create a great basketball team and increase enrollment exponentially in just a few short years.

Join me in watching the No. 1 rated Central Section Division I team as they finish their Central Sequoia League and play deep into the playoffs.

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COMMENTARY: Response to Fryberg shooting

It is always a low moment for the whole nation when a student decides to murder his fellow classmates. Our own seemingly innocent youth becoming the dangerous enemy is something that tears at the hearts of each American.

The attacker in these cases is often a troubled kid, either the victim of bullying or some kind of depression. However, the youth in question, Jaylen Fryberg, was seemingly enjoying his time in high school. This makes me think that there were some underlying circumstances to this shooting.

Clearly, Jaylen had bottled up some sort of negative feelings inside of him. He may have felt anger at society for some reason, or sadness about something that happened to him, or guilt over some past event. These things devoured him and in the end, resulted in murder and suicide.

This brings a question to mind: How could this tragedy have been avoided? I think that if he was able to open up and talk to people about the things troubling him, he would not have gone to this extreme.

My challenge to myself and others is that if someone looks sad or troubled is to make an effort to talk to them and resolve whatever is wrong. I think encouraging words could have healed the emotional wounds that Jaylen Fryberg apparently had.

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LETTER: Ebola sensationalization inappropriate

FeatherLogoadmin | The Feather Online Archive

The Feather encourages letters to editor, commentary, comments and guest articles.

I strongly agree that Ebola is a highly dangerous disease and needs to be handled with the highest availability of care, I would definitely not want Ebola to spread beyond containment and cause an epidemic.

After reading Rees Roggenstein’s Oct. 14, article, “Ebola virus continues to infect,” I agree that we should take the Ebola virus seriously.

I believe the virus is a legitimate threat to many African nations and it is gradually becoming an increasingly real danger to America. While I still think that we need to continue to provide adequate health care to Africa, I also think that we need to make sure Ebola does not obliterate the general health of American citizens; if it does, then this disease is much more likely to become a global epidemic.

However, consider the Ebola sensationalization inappropriate.

There has been talk around the FCS campus, about fear of Ebola spreading around the facilities. Regarding this issue, I think the world health organization should not over exaggerate the severity of Ebola.

However, I think that they should better educate us about what we can do to help this issue, without ‘sugar coating’ the whole problem.

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LETTER: Neighborhood school director thanks FC service

 In the next few weeks seniors will follow a different schedule than the rest of the school due to their early graduation.Feather illustration

The campus divided into groups for FC Serve Day, March 6. Some volunteered at the Kepler Neighborhood School.

This letter was originally sent to Campus Pastor Robert Foshee to thank the students for their service on FC’s high school serve day, March 6.

Dear Mr. Foshee,

Kepler Neighborhood School thoroughly enjoyed hosting your students on March 6. They very willingly dove into everything we asked them to do.

We challenged them a bit in the areas of spacial reasoning and problem solving when we asked them to pack a pickup truck with music equipment, furniture and student’s art items that needed to be transported to a nearby studio for Art Hop that evening, but they exhibited great perseverance!

They were all such good workers, in fact, they accomplished nearly all the tasks we had planned for them by lunch time! Because of this, they were able to take a walking tour through a bit of downtown Fresno, where our charter school is located. I hope this gave them a better idea of the many things downtown Fresno has to offer.

We would welcome your students back again any time. After their visit, we talked about how nice it would be to have them back for an activity where they can work directly with our students rather than the cleaning and organizing they did in the basement storage (aka “The Dungeon”) and teacher resources rooms.

An idea that came up was to have them assist in a field day or another similar special event. I know our kids would enjoy the experience.

Thank you again for sharing your students with us. They were a tremendous help and a joy to have on our campus.

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LETTER: Service day teaches me

maddieFC file photo

Madelline Luginbill

Dear Editor,

This year’s service day was a great way to teach the students of Fresno Christian the importance of giving back to the community.

I had the privilege of bagging food at the Fresno Community Food Bank in South Fresno. The warehouse was filled to the ceiling with canned foods and all of them donated by local people and businesses in the community.

I was able to work along side my peers bagging food items in grocery bags for the upcoming community food drive on March 29. While the work was repetitive, it was fun trying to put together the most bags, which also got the bagging done quicker.

Our goal was to bag 1,500 bags within the three hours that we were there. Mission accomplished.

Sarah Pedelty, the Community Food Bank volunteer coordinator, shared with us that when we were able to give a bag of healthy foods to family?s that cannot afford it. And the domino effect is that good, healthy food stimulates good work ethic for the parents to excel in their daily jobs and for the children to do better in school.

I know that I take these things for granted. It is good for me to give back to the community. I would love to go back to the food bank, because it was a wake up call to the fact that I need to be more thankful of what I have.

Maddie Luginbill, Sophomore

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LETTER: Serve Guthrie family through a meal

FeatherBriefLogo1FC file photo
Dear FCS community:

As many of you already know, one of our very-involved music students and a FCS lifer, junior Andrew Guthrie, lost his mother very suddenly last Friday. Many of you have asked how you can help.

Their church, Northeast Assembly of God, is coordinating meals and this would be a very practical way to show our love and care for the Guthrie family.

The meals are being coordinated through the Takethemameal.com website. Here’s what you do to help the family:

Log on to takethemameal.com
Family name is Guthrie
Password is Nancy

Better yet, here’s a direct link to their meal schedule: takethemameal.com From there, a schedule will come up & you’ll see which dates are available. Their address and a map are also available if you need them.

Thanks so much for your care and concern for Andrew and his family. Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

Kim Schapansky,
Music Department Accompanist

This letter also appeared in the Feb. 4 article, Tragic losses affect campus family (UPDATE).

For more opinions, read the Feb. 4 article Senior pursues alternate route after graduation.

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LETTER: Social media creates bullying

 In the next few weeks seniors will follow a different schedule than the rest of the school due to their early graduation.

Dear Editor,

Many minors nowadays use media as a source for connecting and getting the latest news of different everyday events. Yet many strangers around the world can retrieve personal information. And the privilege of freedom of speech creates lack of trust in people we face.

The Feb. 22 article, Part 2: Online bullying increases in schools (VIDEO) by Tynin Fries, focuses on the process of how bullies create havoc for others on the Internet.

A form of cyber bullying starts when people leave traumatic comments or hack accounts within websites. Then they target another person’s account; who they know in real life. The freedom of speech online through secrecy can get out of hand, as some people throw all their anger out in a repulsive threat. This often damages the fragile lives of individuals. Unfortunately, one bully can turn into a cyber-gang as other anonymous people join anywhere around the world 24/7.

Until today I have never used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.; for I’ve seen people post photos and messages virally (only available) to their friends through a social network, and think it’s secure. Anyone can easily leak the information, and in return use it as a threat. I am aware of the opportunities media brings for employment, and lots of them still exist through face-to-face paperwork.

But social media creates bullying.

Online bullying doesn’t always occur through creating a Twitter account. It can appear through newspaper articles or a video of a dog playing fetch with a lemon on Youtube. If cyber bullying arises, documentation of the inappropriate content is mandatory. Also please be aware of the consequences when using unsecure websites.

People will always find and give their negative opinions. However with knowledge of the possible outcomes, unnecessary havoc remains preventable.

For more letters to the editor, read the Jan. 18 article, LETTER: Safety precautions impact individuals.

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LETTER: College Corner article helpful

Dear Editor:

As senior year approaches, many juniors stress over college planning. The article, “Tips on scoring cash for college,” posted by Michelle Warkentin, Dec. 10, gives useful information to students who are preparing for college.

After I read this article, I had developed new knowledge for my future education.

We all know colleges are expensive and that is why we need scholarships. Warkentin wrote important tips on learning how to earn these scholarships. She also recommended students to get a head start at preparing ahead of time.

Many key points to succeed in college were covered in this article.
Since college does not seem so far away anymore, the next chapter to my life seems so much closer.

Now I understand the scholarship process more, giving me a head start in knowing what scholarships are more applicable to me. Now I will actually start planning ahead to see what scholarships I can earn.

I found this article, in particular, very helpful. For example, I now understand the requirements in earning scholarships to colleges. This article also gave me encouragement to stay strong and push through my last years of high school.

I recommend that every upperclassman read this article, so that they too will get a better understanding on college preparations.

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LETTER: Finding joy in Christmas

FeatherBriefLogoSmJeremy Brown | The Feather Online Archive
Dear Editor:

In senior English class this year, we read “Babette’s Feast,” a short story about what it means to find joy. The narrative seemed to teach the lesson that joy lasts forever, but happiness is only temporary. True joy can only be found through prayer, because we need God?s help in order to achieve it throughout life.

We can all experience joy this Christmas season by giving to our loved ones and peers through sharing God’s love and encouragement with them.

Most people consider giving as a physical action, not a spiritual one. Everyone purchases gifts during Christmas, but I think we need to realize that sometimes the best gifts are not the tangible ones. If we recognize this, we can learn how to give and fulfill the word of God, and how to start on the path that God?s word commands us to follow.

We have the opportunity to find joy on this path when we show others the power God has over us, simply by trying to live our lives for him. In my own experience I have tried to do this when we spend time with my uncle and his family during Christmas because they are not believers. I try to show them through my actions what God commands us all to do such as obeying my mom, treating others kindly, and being true to myself.

The fact that we understand how he is always there for us and that he will never leave us is an example of searching for the Lord in a way that could direct someone else to him. We also have to realize that joy can only be achieved through asking him for it, because we as humans do not have the capability of learning it on our own.

I would like to challenge the readers to use this season of celebration as a chance to be a role model to those surrounding you, maybe even helping change someone’s perspective on the joy our father in heaven portrays to us. Sharing the hope of God and his word can simply mean living by example; it’s not always about questioning someone?s beliefs.

Let’s all practice some self-reflection this season to see how we might improve our witness as we approach Christmas, because the ultimate joy a Christian can gain is knowing that they positively impacted someone’s faith.

For more letters, read the Sept. 7 article, LETTER: I love FC Underground.

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