Di Cicco’s offers good affordable food

The area off Cedar and Nees has sprung up significantly over the past few years. Some of the new buildings in the area are a Johny Quick, a GB3 and multiple small franchises at the Parkwood mini mall. Last, but not least is the brand new Di Cicco’s.

Dicco’s is a well-known small Italian franchise owned by a local Italian family. This Di Cicco’s however is one of the nicest if not the best Di Cicco’s building I have ever seen. The freshly painted stucco building sticks out among all the buildings in the area. On the inside plants and pictures of old Italy surround the patrons as they sit around new tables in comfortable chairs.

The new Di Cicco’s still gives off the feeling of being in Italy. Almost every thing from the lighting to the walls reminded me of Italy. A group of five friends and I went into Di Cicco’s for dinner on Sept. 23. Di Cicco’s sets the example for a semi formal restaurant, which is warm and friendly.

“It’s very slow paced working here (Di Cicco’s),” waitress Britt Erickson, said, “Because people come in at very different times. It is good to work here, because all the workers here are very friendly.” All the employees greeted us with smiling faces and were very attentive asking if we needed anything or wanted more water.

“Di Cicco’s is not my favorite Italian restaurant,” Byron Erkenbrecher, ’03, said. “but I do like their red sauce items. My favorite item would have to be the New York Steak ($15.95).” The prices of items range from about a $7 meatball sandwich to about a $16 steak. If you prefer red sauce the recommended item is Nonno’s Pasta that contains chicken, green peppers and mushrooms.

“The work here is easy most of the time,” hostess Brenna Esoci, said. “I usually like working here (Di Cicco’s), because all the people I work with are fun and friendly. I’m glad I got to know everybody here.” The service was a little slow, but always very friendly.

I will return because Di Cicco’s offers good affordable food at the right price.

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Gazebo Gardens hosts food truck showcase

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Gazebo Gardens is on the corner of Shields and Palm avenues in Fresno; host a food truck showcase on Friday and Saturday nights.

Every Friday and Saturday, authentic food trucks from all over Fresno come to Gazebo Gardens to share tasty dishes and drinks with the people of Fresno. Each weekend different trucks with a variety of foods are lined up in the gardens under the twinkly lights.

Gazebo Gardens hosts food truck showcase and starts from 5 p.m. and goes to 9 p.m. every Friday and Saturday night. Different trucks arrive each weekend providing an assortment of food. To add the charm of the night, bands come together and perform genres of smooth jazz or R&B.

Once arriving at the entrance, I already heard faint sounds of welcoming music. The sun had set and the glowing lights began to flicker on. The trucks were ready and lines of hungry stomachs were forming.

On this night, trucks from Dusty Buns Bistro, Sno Cafe, Mattie’s Wood Fired Pizza, Tako BBQ, El Premio Mayor, P&R Fusion and Cowboy Shaman served varieties of unique American, Mexican, Korean and Peruvian-American food.

The first item that I chose were tacos from P&R Fusion (Peruvian-American). They tasted fresh and very flavorful for the small tacos that they were; the order came with two tacos for $3. This was a great deal considering that I wanted to try more food from other trucks.

The next food choice that I picked was from Cowboy Shaman (Chinese Food), and it was a meal that consisted of 3 pot stickers and 3 egg rolls with additional sauces for $8. The pot stickers were more crispy than others that I have had at other restaurants making it super delicious. The sauces that came along with it were a perfect match of sweet and salty.

For dessert I chose to try a snow cone in “Georgia Sunset” from Sno Cafe. The “Georgia Sunset” tasted of peaches and cream and was very tasty. The snow cone was a refreshing finish to the warm night at the gardens.

The food was prepared quickly and served hot so the wait was not that long. Towards 8 p.m. more people arrived making the wait for the snow cone 10 minutes. Overall the service and presentation of food was excellent.

While enjoying the food, locales from around Fresno chatted under the stars and listened to the music brought by the band. Near the end of the night, Gazebo Gardens was packed with people from all ages, enjoying the food and tunes.

The setting was laid back and relaxing, with the twinkling lights and aroma of roses surrounding; it was peaceful. The next time you find yourself open on Friday or Saturday, check out Gazebo Gardens for flavorful varieties of food.

Check out the Gazebo Gardens website for upcoming events and line up of food.

This writer can be reached via Twitter: @jennypenny.

For more reviews, read the March 17 article, Authentic Italian food offers traditional dining options.

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