Student of the Month: Mariana Fikse

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While freshman Mariana Fikse enjoys horseback riding, she is also playing varsity tennis and basketball.

Every month The Feather will highlight one student recommended by a teacher and voted upon by Feather staff members. Students are chosen depending upon several factors including and not limited to good grades, class engagement, positive attitude and special extracurricular activities.

Due to the Feather’s upgrade period during the end of March and April both a Male and Female student have been selected for the month of May.

May’s female student of the Month is Mariana Fikse, ’16, chosen by mathematics teacher, Jared Kaiser for her focus and curiosity in the materials.

“Mariana is a student who knows what it means to be an Eagle,” Kaiser said. “She is always willing to help her fellow classmates and is always on task wanting to learn more.”

Fikse first joined the FC community at the start of the 2014-15 school year after attending Cross Road Christian in Madera throughout elementary and junior high. Since her arrival, Fiske has kept exemplary grades as well as joined both the varsity basketball and tennis team.

“Mariana is a student who knows what it means to be an Eagle. She is always willing to help her fellow classmates and is always on task wanting to learn more.” –Jared Kaiser, mathematics teacher

Sports and athleticism comes naturally to Fikse who spends much of her free time outdoors or riding quads at the track behind her family’s dairy (located in Madera). As a first-year tennis player, Fikse says that she originally joined tennis for the team aspect however soon began to enjoy the sport as well.

“It’s a fun sport that you can play with almost anyone,” Fikse said. “There isn’t so much pressure because it is an individual sport so you learn at your own pace.  I first tried tennis because I didn’t know anyone at the school and I thought it would be a good way to get to know some people. But as the season went on I began to really enjoy tennis.”

She first started basketball at Crossroads in the 5th grade and has continued to build and hone in her skills since, as a freshmen on FC’s varsity level.

Team mate Olivia Tandadjaja, ’16, says that Fikse served as a vital member of this year’s girl’s basketball program as well as being a supportive teammate and friend.

“Mariana has such a positive attitude and always gives her all,” Tandadjaja said. “She definitely makes the most baskets in our team from her three-point-shots. She is also really funny and great to be around.”
Fiske hopes to help strengthen the girl’s program throughout the next three years and develop close bonds with her team mates.

“My favorite part is just being on a team and having fun and getting to learn the sport better,” Fikse said. “My hopes for next season are that we win more games and make it to the playoffs. I think next year we will be good enough to compete with a lot of teams.”

When not outdoors or practicing for tennis or basketball Fikse often plays the piano which she learned as a 1st grader. She still continues to take regular lesson and performs at recitals an average of twice a year.
Fikse has attended Cornerstone Community church is Chowchilla throughout her life and plans to become involved with the youth group over the summer.

Fikse wants to discover her future career by taking the classes that interest her. Though she is not yet certain about the exact path, Fikse considers a career in agriculture due to the significant role the family farm played in her childhood. Fikse accredits farming with her strong work ethic and with the appreciation of values and integrity.

“In the summer I work in our office and sometimes I will help my Dad with vet checks on Wednesday,” Fikse said. “It (farming) definitely makes you appreciate hard work and not take things for granted. I definitely would want to stay in agriculture. It’s like my life, I love it and I have never known anything different I guess.”

Friend Jenna Bynum says that Fikse is generally quiet but extremely caring and loyal.

“She’s quiet, funny, nice and caring,” Bynum said. “She’s just an overall awesome friend.”

Mother, Marie Fikse describes her daughter as focused and compassionate. Both parents want Mariana to stay strong in her faith and continue to pursue her interests and dreams.

“Mariana is a sincere and kind person,” Marie said. “She cares about others and has a sweet personality. She is humble and honest and works hard at whatever she does. She is a self-motivated person, she wants to do things right. She works hard and doesn’t give up easily. I see leadership qualities in her and a lot of perseverance. We pray that she will continue to grow in The Lord and seek Him first and His will for her life. Mariana brings joy and fun to our family everyday and we are proud of her and love her.”

Interesting facts about Mariana Fikse

• If Fiske was an animal she would be a bird so that she could fly.
• Her favorite food is Pizza
• If Fikse could have any superpower it would be super speed.
• Her favorite restaurant would either by California Pizza Kitchen or In n Out.
• She listens to Christian and Country music.
• She has four Labrador retrievers.
• When Fikse was in elementary school she read and re-read the Narnia Series multiple times.
• Her favorite subject is history because she likes to learn about how the modern connects with the past.

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