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Senior reflection: Ashley Garcia

Fresno Christian High school was the best experience of my life. I transferred here from Clovis North High School my freshman year. At North, I was surrounded by people who didn’t have the same morals as I did, and I really was just uncomfortable there. When I transferred, I was welcomed with the kindest, most warming welcome. My very first day here, I felt as if I was supposed to be here all along. I felt at home. I truly believe that moving here was the best decision I have ever made.

What I love about Fresno Christian is the family environment, and the small school experience. I love that everyone knows everyone, and we always come together to support one another. I have made friends here that I will forever cherish, and have met people that I belong with. I never knew that human beings had the capability to be so close with one another until I came to Fresno Christian.One main thing I really appreciate about Fresno Christian is the fact that we are based on Christ. Every single day, on matter what the circumstances, we always pray and do things the way the Lord intended for us. That is not something that people receive in public schools, and I will forever be grateful for that experience I got, living my life around people who shared the same love for Christ as I do.

Something I will never forget is chapel. My very first day here was a Tuesday, which was worship chapel day, and I walked in completely baffled because I had never seen anything like it before. There was a live band playing worship music that glorified the Lord and people standing up, singing their hearts out in symphony together as they declared their love for their savior. I was completely stoked to be a part of that beautiful experience.

This year was my first year in journalism and believe it or not, it was a very great decision. Journalism taught me many important skills that I need in the future such as communication, writing, and disciplinary skills. I am so humbled and blessed to have Fresno Christian High School as my alma mater, and I will forever be grateful for this school shaping me into the person I am today.

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Alumna Heather Carr: life with professional athlete

carr 6Courtesy Heather (Neal) Carr

Campus alumna Heather (Neal, ’08) Carr) updates her story since graduating, including marriage to Derek Carr and new baby, Dallas. Carr updates her years since grad, wife of NFL quarterback

Carr updates her years since grad, wife of NFL quarterback

Many FC alumni move on to bigger and better things, taking what they have learned from their years in high school and applying them to life in the real world. Very seldom do we discover that some of those alumni end up being in the spotlight. Former FC alumna Heather Carr graduated with the class of 2008, and went on to marry current NFL Oakland Raiders quarterback and former Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr.

During high school, Heather (Neal, ’08) Carr discovered her passion for cheerleading, hoping to pursue it in college. However at the time she attended Fresno State, the cheerleading program did not exist due to the absence of a cheer coach.

“Originally, I thought I would go to Azusa, they had a really good cheer squad, but then I think the whole dynamic of staying close to home really drew me in, and I wasn’t ready to leave, and God definitely knew I wasn’t ready to get out there and do things on my own, so I went to Fresno State,” Carr said. “Almost all of my cheer girls stayed in Fresno, and went to FPU, or Fresno State, and it was nice to know that they were there, so we could hang out and b