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Feather Highlights: A taste of encouragement

Junior Alexis Kalugin writes a biweekly blog, Window Seat, about staying connected to Christ in everyday life. Kalugin ties in aspects from everyday life and shares a Godly perspective on them.

IMG_4722-224x300Alexis Kalugin

Feather Blogger, Alexis Kalugin, posts her biweekly blog, Window Seat, to offer an encouraging perspective on everyday life.

 Kalugin has written over 7 blogs throughout the course of the school year. Her latest blog focuses on encouraging others through the Word. She mentions 1 John 3:8 to incite hope.

Simply Encouargement

As a new year begins, as we start fresh on a new semester, we can begin to feel weary. Since we are weary we are discouraged. We begin to go through the motions of school, practice, work, etc.. We start to ?live? for the weekend. Or when we have our next break. Is this how we are supposed to live? Sometimes we can barely get by and looking forward to the weekend is what gives us hope.

If we keep living this way on a day to day basis we become discouraged. It seems like there is no hope or joy during our daily routines. We tend to feel lonely. I know right now in my life there has been alot of change. Though I?ve come to accept this change it still effects me. We are not meant to walk through life this way. It will only get more depressing. Lets begin to look at the simple blessings. Even if school life, family life, social life, etc? is all terrible and there is no hope or joy right now.

God has created the sun sets, he has given you friends, chapel to go to twice a week when regular public school kids don?t even get that opportunity. We are blessed to go to a school where the teachers are willing to pray with us. We are meant to encourage each other.

“The reason the son of God appeared was to destroy the devils work.” 1 John 3:8. We are given this source of Hope. As discouraging as life gets we were meant to build up one another. God can destroy the devils work in an instant. He wants to use us. By giving into the loneliness and the depressing thought of having to go to school again or whatever life is bringing us we are accomplishing just what the devil wants us to accomplish.

By blessing others with the resources we are given we start to take our eyes off of our situations and onto the situations of others who need encouragement. Though it is not good to totally ignore what we are going through. It is good to take our eyes off of the trials for one second and just encourage someone who is walking a similar path. Sometimes we are blessed by helping others. Life will always have its ups and downs. Sometimes we can stand stronger by enjoying the simple moments of a sunset or encouraging someone who really needs it.

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This writer can be reached via Twitter and email: @Alexis_Kalugin and alexis.kalugin.2016@fresnochristian.com

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Math teacher travels through Europe over break

Europe1Jeremy Brown | The Feather Online Archive

Over Christmas break, many teachers and students were either busy spending time with family or traveling to see distant relatives. Math teacher, Jared Kaiser, traveled with his wife, former FC teacher, Jordana Kaiser, to the Canary Islands and Paris, France.

First, they traveled to the Canary Islands and stayed on the Island of Tenerife. Kaiser and his wife were there for ten days. In Tenerife, they were able to visit different beaches and relax.

Although the beaches and scenery were beautiful, Kaiser reports that the people on the public transportation were very rude. However, the taxi drivers were very friendly. He also describes driving on the island as being quite a hassle.

“A thing to remember is that driving over there is not recommended,” said Kaiser. “Everyone drives as if they are the only ones on the road.”

While in the Canary Islands, the Kaisers were able to meet various different types of people from all over Europe. Kaiser describes the Canary Islands as the Hawaii for the European countries.

“The island is like the Hawaii of the European countries,” said Kaiser. “It is quite interesting to meet all the different types of people that are there. We met a lot of different people who moved from another European country to the island and have been there for many years. It is similar to the way people move to Hawaii.”

Being so close to the beach was a nice change for Kaiser. While growing up, Kaiser lived fifteen minutes away from the beach. Now it takes two or more hours for him to get to the coast. He described his experience on the Canary Islands as feeling like home.

“I loved being close to the ocean again,” Kaiser said. “It made me feel at home, when I could just relax near the water. Being near the water and just enjoying the scenery was the most enjoyable part for me.”

Next, Kaiser and his wife traveled to Paris, France. They stayed in Paris for five days before heading back home.

As they explored Paris, Kaiser and his wife traveled to the top of the Eiffel tower. While on the Eiffel Tower, they were asked to take pictures for a man who was going to propose to his girlfriend.

The Kaisers also went to the stock tracker and the Louvre. Unfortunately, the day they went to visit the Louvre, it was raining and they did not have the tickets to go inside. Although the sightseeing was fun, Kaiser says his all-time favorite moments of the trip were being able to sit in cafes in Paris and play cards with his wife.

“One of my favorite parts had to be in Paris,” Kaiser said. “We did a lot of sitting in cafes and just enjoying our time together which was a lot of fun. It was nice and relaxing and very enjoyable. We also played a lot of cards.”

Kaiser spent New Years Eve in Paris. He describes his experience as very similar to Times Square, but way more crowded. As they traveled many places during Christmas Break, it was time to head home to teach.

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Choreographer reflects on dance background

Allison Tapley uses Dance to glorify God

Allison Tapley found a way to break free from her insecurities in academics, and succeed in something else; Dance.Jeremy Brown | The Feather Online Archive

Allison Tapley found a way to break free from her insecurities in academics, and succeed in something else; Dance.

Allison Tapley, the choreographer for FC drama’s production of Music Man, struggled with academics from elementary through high school. She found a way to break free from her insecurities in academics, and succeed in something else; Dance.

Dance has been a way for her to escape the trials of life and let her emotions flow. When words could not describe her pain or love for God, Tapley used dance as a way to express her thoughts and feelings.

“I have learned along the way, and I feel God has been teaching me that some of the most basic dance moves can be the most beautiful,” Tapley said. “Especially when a story is told and emotion is carried out.”

During her childhood, Tapley’s parents divorced and was a difficult time for her. Instead of seeking comfort in self harming and emotional outlets, Tapley found a way to get her pain out through physical movement.

Taking dance not only helped her through trials, but created friendships that provided the community she needed. Tapley realized that her parents divorce, led her to find healing in dance. Dance has led her closer to God and produced great joy and community in her life.

“The thing is life is full of trials,” Tapley said. “Jesus says in James, count it all joy, my brothers when you meet trials of many kinds. Trials have lead me to dance which in the end has produced a joyful soul.”

Tapley believes that anyone who struggles with physical and emotional pain can find therapeutic healing in the arts, such as singing, dancing, drawing, acting on stage and much more. It is a way to release anger without hurting yourself.

Tapley has been successful in expressing her emotions throughout her dance career. She trained at the Dance Studio for eight years taking ballet and jazz.

After graduating, she continued to Fresno City College to earn her undergraduate in dance. She is currently earning her masters in dance.

For the past 15 years Tapley has taught dance to kids ranging from ages 3 to adults. She currently teaches at the Peoples School of Creative Arts (PSCA) at Peoples Church. Tapley believes teaching dance is her calling. She loves being able to share her passion with her students.

“I love being able to give back my passion,” Tapley said. “I definitely think it’s my calling. I love being able to do it for the Lord. Having a combination of my passion for dance and the Lord, has been really influential, not only for my soul, but I think for my students.”

Tapley continues to give back to her passion for dance to her students. She teaches beginning ballet and jazz classes, along with an intermediate jazz class, two hip hop classes, and an adult dance and fitness class.

“My goal,” Tapley said. “Is that my students will grow as dancers in technique and in their relationship with the Lord.”


Her ultimate goal would be to take dance on missions both locally and around the world. She also would love to start Christian dance competitions around the United States.

Homeschooler Kaitlyn Ackley, a student of Tapley, is continually motivated by Tapley’s enthusiasm for dance and God.

“She has taught me that I can do anything through God,” Ackley said. “She has really pushed me to do things that I thought I could never do in dance. She has challenged me to give my best in performance rather than just giving up.”

Her daughter, Emily Tapley, ’20, who is currently a seventh grader at FC, takes dance from her mom, as well as being a teacher’s aid in her moms hip hop class. She enjoys taking dance, because she can express her worship to God through her dance.

“Having my mom for a dance teacher can sometimes be challenging,” Emily said. “Because she holds me to a certain level. In class, instead of calling her mom, I have to call her Miss Allie like the rest of the students.”

Tapley hopes to keep dancing and perfect the different aspects of dance that have not been perfected yet.

After Christmas break, both Tapleys will start working on the dances for their recital in June.

This blogger can be reach via Twitter: @Alexis_Kalugin.

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Bands inspire spiritual growth through lyrics, beats (VIDEO)

IMG_9422Alexis Kalugin | The Feather Online Archive
Thousands of people gathered at the Christian concert, Winter Jam 2014, Nov. 11. This nighttime concert series, hosted on Veterans Day by the popular Christian band, Newsong, provided a powerful night of worship for many Fresno-area Christian music lovers.

The admission price to Winter Jam, held at the Save Mart Center, was kept at the low price of $10, to give everyone an opportunity to worship and hear the gospel.

This year Winter Jam featured Christian artist’s Hillsong United, Jeremy Camp, Francesca Battistelli, Colton Dixon, Disciple, NewSong, Trip Lee, Everfound, About A Mile and Veridia. Visual artist Jared Emerson and speaker Tony Nolan also participated.

Winter Jam ’14, was a concert like none other. The interest was so high the tickets sold out leaving people having to stand wherever they could find room. Hundreds were turned away at the door. However, various bands put on an acoustic show outside for those who were denied entry.

Senior Elise Winegarden enjoyed listening to Hillsong United, because of the overall worship experience.

“My favorite band was definitely Hillsong,” Winegarden said. “I really liked how they can express their hearts. They really got to bring people into worship. They got to show what worship is really about and how it’s just between you and God. You can enter in to that worship and just let God reign down on you.”

Another fan favorite was Jeremy Camp. He shared an inspirational story about how he recovered after his wife died. Winegarden’s brother Collin ’15, also attended the concert and was really moved by Camp’s testimony, which inspired some of the songs that he performed.

“My favorite was Jeremy Camp,” Collin said. “He?s really inspirational with his story behind his music. I like how his songs are not just empty words, but stories with deep meaning behind them”

Not only did the artists bring intimate worship with God, but performers such as Trip lee, Disciple, and Colton Dixon got the crowd’s adrenaline pumping. Senior Mikayla Miller was happy to see that Colton Dixon and Trip Lee got the crowded involved in their performances.

“Colton Dixon was really great,” Miller said. “He got everyone pumped up and jumping around. He was very exciting to watch preform. Trip Lee got the audience more involved by having everyone move their arms back and forth to the beat of his song.”

Aside from the worship, Winter Jam also brought a message that encouraged the audience to go all in for Christ. This message was given by speaker Tony Nolan.

Junior Kylie Bell thought it was cool how Nolan was able to preach the gospel, but relate social media into his message. He used the illustration that God can see behind the selfies we post. These posts will not save us from death and destruction.

“He shared that no matter how connected you are on social media, it will not earn you a ticket into Heaven,” Bell said. “The minute things that we believe are fulfilling in life, are not important to God. We have to recognize what is truly significant in God’s eyes.”

Newsong also incorporated this message when they performed a song entitled “Arise, My Love”. During this song Emerson finger painted a picture of Christ. The breathtaking impact of this performance showed the audience just how powerful God is.

Overall, the concert was not only encouraging to the people who went, but also a great presentation of modern christian music.

Olivia Quebe, ’16, who had never been to Winter Jam, loved it. She liked the variety of artists that performed, as well as the community it brought with the other hundreds of people in the stadium.

“This was my first time going to Winter Jam and I’m so happy I did,” Quebe said. “The amount of fellowship and genuine love for the Lord in that building was outstanding! It was nice to hear artists like Veridia and About A Mile, but it was also awesome to hear artists that you always hear on the radio perform live. Artists like Trip Lee and Disciple got the crowd pumped up, but I would have to say my favorites were Jeremy Camp and Hillsong. They both brought the entire building to their feet in worship. It was nothing I had ever seen before. It was such an amazing night and I can’t wait for next year.”

This community of worship was not only inspiring to the audience members, but also to the photographers at the concert. Bell, who was also one of the photographers for Winter Jam, thought it was an amazing experience to capture people worshiping with their hands raised and voices singing along.

“I loved that the bands sang some of their most popular songs so that everyone would sing along,” Bell said. “It was an incredible experience to photograph with everyone’s hands raised and singing.”

Winter Jam continues to encourage and bring an empowering atmosphere wherever they go. This concert is an amazing opportunity to worship as a community. Please check the Winter Jam 2015 website for upcoming concerts or follow them on Twitter: @winterjamtour and/or on Winter Jam Facebook page.

Follow The Feather via Twitter @thefeather and Instagram @thefeatheronline. This blogger can be reach via Twitter: @Alexis_Kalugin.

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