The world of Leadership has many facets and different roles throughout its structure. Several roles stand out among the rest as these jobs require excess amount of work and time. Created this year to improve the communication between The Feather and the Leadership class was the position of Public Relations.

As the Public Relations (PR) officer, the traits of this position are organization, being able to take on stressful tasks and most importantly, being on time.

When being in office, it is vital to be an effective communicator, not only with members of Leadership, but with the rest of the student body as well. The position does not necessarily take up much of time, but rather requires thoughtful decisions.

Being organized is not required but it is a helpful quality that makes the job a whole lot easier. Each week, a Leadership article will have to go up onto The Feather.

The purpose of this is to let the parents, staff, and student body know what will be going on during the week. Having prior journalism skills helps make the job faster and easier to get through.

Public Relations is where you announce events and send out reminders to the public. It is good to have relationships with people around the school so they feel comfortable around you and share their ideas for the leadership class to take into consideration.

This position does not seem to be very important, however due to teenagers constant use of Twitter and Instagram this seems to be the only way to reach them. With this in mind, the Leadership class sought to make a deeper connection with the student body.

The PR position is in charge of both of the leadership social media accounts, that being said, this position also requires a lot of responsibility and trust. When the class decides on new events this roll is the first to know all the information and is trusted not to give out important details when told.

In the upcoming year, the position will have a lot more rolls to accomplish. The Activities Director, will be in charge of all the big events and the PR position will play a role in getting those activities accomplished.

This position is not one that runs for office, it is appointed to office. Along with the duties the PR is in charge of, the office must go to West Sierra League (WSL) meetings once a month on Mondays.

Being involved in an office position is a great choice to consider because not only are you taking a step in being a voice for the student body but you also get to bond with the rest of the student positions like the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Activities Director.

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