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Sara Peterson will be attending Fresno State in the fall, majoring in Nursing.

After six long years at Fresno Christian, my time at here has finally come to the end. At the beginning of the seventh grade, graduation seemed like a lifetime away but it has come within a blink of an eye. Despite the many complaints about high school and how we cannot wait to leave, there is some place within all of us seniors that genuinely enjoyed their time spent here, even if we don’t think so now.

During my time spent at FC I know I have had one of the best high school experiences possible. Yeah sure, our school is small and maybe we don’t have as many activities as public schools, but everyone at FC has the opportunity to get involved whatever suits their interests. Our teachers put many extra hours into their students without hesitation and are willing to help us in anyway. Students have the chance to gain many close relationships within and out of our own class.

My most memorable moments at FC are with my friends at school events, most recently powderpuff. I have two younger brother who will be entering high school and I’m extremely excited for the experiences they will be gaining and I hope that they will make the most out of their time here.

Journalism has also been a big factor in my high school experience. My junior year I was very reluctant to join journalism but now I do not regret it. Serving as Editor-in-Chief my senior year was an experience like none other. I learned a lot about myself and what it takes to be a leader. Improving my writing, in journalism, along with expanding my use of multimedia are skills that will surely benefit me throughout college and career.

Through journalism I interviewed many high profile individuals along with getting to be a guest speaker at Columbia University, and traveling to New York City my junior and senior year with my friends. I’d like to thank Greg Stobbe for encouraging me to join journalism and constantly encouraging us to be better writers and interviewers everyday. Also my best friend Gaby Siqueiros, for staying by side throughout high school and being my partner in crime in journalism.

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