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The annual powder puff game, to be hosted on May 8, will promote friendly competition amongst classes.

Those dedicated to winning have already signed up and assigned coaches for the powderpuff season. It’s time for the HS girls to put on their game face and gather together to practice drills and set plays.  Powder puff will be at the North Field, May 8 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The roles are switched for powder puff, the girls act as the players while the boys are cheerleaders for each class. Parents and family are welcome to watch the girls compete against each other.

In previous years the senior class has dominated the lower classes with its determination and experience in the game. This year senior Madison Sieb hopes to continue the winning streak.

“This is my second year in powder puff,” Sieb said. “I think that my team needs to encourage each other and continue the winning streak. To win all of our games on Friday would end my senior year on a great note.”

Sophomore Marissa Parker believes her team will do better this year because of the experience from freshman year.

“Since this is our second year, we might have a better chance of winning,” Parker said. “We need to focus on moving the ball and putting our plays to the test. This year I hope we win at least one game and if not two; I am excited to play the juniors.”

This is my second year in Powderpuff. I think that my team needs to encourage each other and continue the winning streak. To win all of our games on friday would end my senior year on a great note. — Madison Sieb, ’15

Junior Gillian Rea competes for her third time in powder puff and is looking to have a good time while trying to win.

“I think that we should focus on encouraging each other within the team to achieve a win,” Rea said. “It’s about having fun together while competing to win at the same time. I think my team could have a chance at winning if we work together and carry out plays we’ve worked on.”

Freshman Erin Wilson looks forward to playing with her class in this year’s Powderpuff.

“I am really excited, my sister Amber Wilson played it last year and had a lot of fun,” Wilson said. “I don’t know that much about football but I think our coaches, Roman Endicott and Tyler Villines, will help us. We already got together for a meeting and we are ready to have practices.”

Come out to enjoy a fun night of football games and cheer stunts to wrap up the school year.

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