The Feather Online has been a web-based paper since 1998 and needs an overhaul. Adviser Greg Stobbe and the new editors had hoped a new and improved site could be operational by the end of June but now a Labor Day soft launch is expected.

The Feather Online was created by Fresno Christian students in its current form in 2004 and revised in 2008. Since then Feather webmasters have tweaked it and added features. However, technology and websites have advanced to a point The Feather needs to be reborn.

While the award-winning FC online paper is under construction, please continue to follow The Feather on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The editors are planning bring back a new and improved, up-to-date Feather by the end of June, follow social media for more information. We will be back. However, a Labor Day soft launch may be more reasonable.

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