Superintended Jeremy Brown holds a young puppy that became a hot item at the 32nd annual Fresno Christian Auction, March 14.

The Fresno Christian Schools 32nd Annual FCS auction is a highly anticipated event in which the generosity and close knit community is exemplified. Each year, families and FC enthusiasts look forward to the opportunity for a fun way to give back to the school which has touched their lives.

At the March 14 auction, attendees were given a unique auction number and were able to bid upon different items including desserts, gift cards and donated items. Once dinner was served participants enjoyed a quick trailer of the upcoming drama musical, Music Man.

Over the course of dinner the silent tables began to close and a raffle took place where attendees could win a variety of different hundred dollar prizes.

The highlight of the night, the live auction, offered a wide array of prizes. Prizes included everything from front row seats at the 2014-’15 graduation ceremony to signed helmets from Oakland Raider QB Derek Carr.

Every table at the 32nd FCS Auction sold out within weeks. The auction brought in a record breaking $140,000+. The money is used in multiple ways but is focused on filling the funding gap between tuition and the amount needed to operate the school.

Superintendent Jeremy Brown talks about his first year at the auction as superintendent. This experience has given him a new perspective on the event.

“I love interacting with the different families; it’s amazing how many people come out here to support. It’s a full house. It’s a great lively events and everyone is here to support Fresno Christian Schools,” Brown said. “I went last year and didn’t really know many people because I was just hired. But this year it’s great because I know the community a lot better.”

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