Night of the Stars (NOTS) is a night for high school students to dress up and watch each class’ long-awaited film. With every weekend devoted to filming the movies, the time has come for parents to see their children’s work. The parent viewing will be held Saturday, March 28 at 9 a.m. (the morning of NOTS) and will go through 11 a.m. in the Green Room.

The theme will be following the actual event’s theme as Jardin De Fleur. Snacks and drinks will be provided and all high school parents are available to come.

Vicky Belmont, leadership director, oversees the students for NOTS and makes sure all the planning stays organized.

“It allows the parents to see what the kids have been working on and it kinda gives them a little taste of what the kids are going to do that night,” Belmont said. “They get to vote on the best picture which is called the Parents Choice Award.”

Senior Kathryn Damschen, volunteered to lead up the committee alongside Chloe Muller. She hopes to set high standards for the viewing and impress the parents.

“I wanted to make it really good this year and something that people can look back on and use it as an example for the future,” Damschen said. “Basically we’re giving the parents a little taste of NOTS. We’re going to have French themed food, just like what we’re having at actual NOTS. There’s going to have tablecloths, centerpieces, refreshments. We wanted to make it better than it’s ever been and set a precedent for the following years.”

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