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After battling and overcoming addition, FC alumna, Megan Tatham, returned to speak in chapel, March 26.

FC alumna, Megan Tatham, now 29 years old returned to speak in chapel, March 26.

Tatham was raised in Peoples Church and came to FC in fifth grade. Through out middle school and high school she switched between FCS and public. She went from having fun on Fridays with one group of friends and then going to church on Sunday to with a different group. Tatham was using meth so much that it was the only thing she thought of. She wanted to believe in Jesus, it just never clicked.

At the beginning of senior year of HS she had to go to rehab in Arizona for three months. Church to her was an obligation. Tatham found herself consumed with taking pain pills. Later she became pregnant from her ex husband. After having her baby boy, she soon then broke her tail bone and fell back into taking pain pills. It lasted for 7 years and then she started shooting up heroin.

Tatham then got a fellony DUI and went to jail. Heroin had deteriorated her body; She went through 7 different rehabs. Tatham wanted to stop but was unable to; she continued hopping from one drug to another.

Through her addiction, Tatham had become completely broken. She started to hallucinate because she was so far into drugs.

Tatham prayed to God to just fix her. God’s grace is what made her better. Trough Teen Challenge she came to know God. Now she feels free, she isn’t bound to drugs anymore, through God, she is free. The first step to stop or heal anything is Jesus. He will take you all you have to do is come to Him.

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