ColumbiaGoldWInners2015WebRyan King, Photographer

The Feather editors accepted a Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) Gold Crown–The Feather’s 5th since 2009.

After anxiously waiting to hear the magical phrase “The Feather Online Gold Crown” to ring out through the packed auditorium inside of Columbia University’s Lerner Hall, staffers thirst for excellence was finally quenched, March 20. The Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s Digital Gold Crown is the highest honor that the CSPA bestows upon any scholastic publication.

This is the third consecutive CSPA Gold Crown and seventh time since 2008 that The Feather has earned a Crown from CSPA. Over 2,690 students attended the convention in New York City, representing 299 schools within 34 states. Some schools even represented neighboring nations, such as Mexico and Canada.

Even though the current Feather website was good enough to win a Gold Crown this year, change is coming. Publications adviser Greg Stobbe and The Feather staff have come together to support a new modern design that will be unveiled before next school year. Possibly even before the end of June.

The Feather website will be updated on a WordPress style site, in hopes of making the paper more competitive at the national level. This is the second year that the paper has not qualified for an NSPA Pacemaker, in part due to the outdated site and lack of digital media. The new design will provide a more streamlined access to school news and innovative media for the FC community. However, this is the fifth time the Feather has won a Gold Crown since its first in 2009.

The 2014-2015 run for The Feather is coming to an end, and along with it the end of many journalism careers. Students that have made the paper stronger by using their skills of interviewing, podcasting, writing articles or making videos will be out in the real world. Their skills will be missed by The Feather and new editors are beginning to learn what will be needed to produce a successful publication.

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