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Economics class will be hosting the annual Economics Fair, during lunch on March 18.

Economics class will be hosting the annual Economics Fair, during lunch, March 18.

Students in economics class will be taking the seat as an entrepreneur and feel what it is like to launch their new product. Each group will take on the task of creating their original product and also financing the costs of the product.

The main reason for this project is to teach students what if takes to form a business, also it correlates to the unit the class is currently in which is supply and demand.

Civics and economics teacher Robert Foshee hopes this project will give an insight to students on how a business is run and will open a new path of careers for them.

“I have done this many years,” Foshee said, “and I hope that the students will see how much it takes to run a business.”

There will be many things sold these year, from space goo to tideye apparel. This years main focus will be food such as smoothies, chicken curry burritos, and different types of Mexican food.

Roman Endicott, ’18, has never seen the Econ Fair before and is expecting it to be interesting and creative.

“I’m expecting to see a lot of good products and chances are I will buy the ones that are most appealing to me,” Endicott said.

Morgan Miller, ’16, is participating in this year’s Econ Fair and partnered up with Bailey Brogan, ’16; they both are making a Mac and Cheese bar with toppings such as bacon, sausage, and ham.

“I’m expecting lots of food items to be sold which is good since it’s during lunch time and it gives people variety of things to choose from,” Miller said.

There will be no off campus lunch passes on March 18 and students are encouraged to bring extra money for food and crafts/trinkets for sell.

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