The Chief of Police sent a letter to Fresno Christian administration thanking students for their day of service, Feb. 19.

Dear Editor,

The City of Fresno’s Graffiti Abatement Team Supervisor, Jet Lim, has brought to my attention the outstanding work the Fresno Christian School students recently performed which resulted in a significant amount of graffiti being removed from the public areas.

On Thursday, February 19, 2015, twenty-three students and two leaders from Fresno Christian School removed approximately 13,000 square feet of graffiti at 4827 N. Hughes and 5570 N. Santa Fe (Logan Park). Overall, the group donated 110 hours of labor.

I want to say “Thank You!” I am encouraged by your school’s hard work and dedication which resulted in a graffiti-free neighborhood. I am extremely proud of the level of energy and tireless efforts shown by the following Fresno Christian School chaperones and students:

Group #1 (Painting @ N. Santa Fe)
Leaders: Jon Penberthy
Jenna Bynum
Mariana Fikse
Kiaya Hargis
Hanna Hong
Min Lee
Maicy Luginbill
Krit Metanopphakun
Amy Ren
Melissa Tostado
Lauren Tucker
Carlee Whipple

Group #2 (Painting @ N. Hughes)
Leaders: Kyle Dodson
Trisha Cui
Kathryn Damschen
Emmaline Krohn
Maddie Luginbill
Macy Mascarenas
Courtney Messer
Olivia Messer
Chloe Mueller
Gillian Rea
Summer Villanueba
Katie Su
Gloria Xu

Graffiti often leads to other delinquent activities such as theft, vandalism, as well as, encouraging gang activity. Graffiti represents disorder and a lack of public-spiritedness. It also has a snowball effect on urban decay and undermines the public’s sense of security. Some citizens avoid going to certain places because they feel insecure, business owners get less business, and private and public property deteriorates. The result is that the public always pays the price (parents, neighbors, friends, and business owners).

Graffiti removal creates benefits that affect the community as a whole. Please accept my appreciation for Fresno Christian School’s involvement and, hopefully, we can look forward to future collaborations.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer originally sent this letter to Superintendent Jeremy Brown, March 17, in appreciation of the Graffiti/Abatement teams during Service Day, February 19.

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