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Warkentin is a long-time veteran of the office, she became a full time employee of FC in 1984, and has excelled in her many vital roles.

Many vital roles in our school’s daily operations go unnoticed and unappreciated. Especially, the position of high school secretary. Vickey Belmont and Brenda Warkentin have been a dynamic duo at the position for the last four years.

Belmont and Warkentin’s daily tasks in the high school office range from making school wide announcements to enforcing dress code policy. Without their action our school could become ill-informed about important events and dates.

Belmont comments on her colleague’s work ethics and managements skills.

“Mrs. {Brenda} Warkentin is a very organized individual,” Belmont said.”She finds a place for everything, continually orders all supplies needed by school personnel and keeps Mrs. {Amy} Deffenbacher informed on all matters. Her office management skills are top notch.”

Students and other members of the community see and appreciate their hard work in the office, but some of their most important work is done outside of school.

On the weekends or past three o’clock, Warkentin and Belmont still formulate ways to improve work flow and precision in the office.

School effects students at all times, even after or before school hours. Homework and sports practice penetrate the sanctity of home life and force students to reach out for assistance.

Jarrod Markarian, ’17, expounds upon the assistance that the office staff have provided over the course of his schooling.

“The office staff have helped me countless times,” Markarian said. “They’ve also kept me in check; I have been dress coded before by them but they are just doing their jobs.”

Whether it be for a quick copy of official transcripts or to clear up attendances errors, Belmont and Warkentin take pride in coming through for students.

Belmont first became interested in the secretary position when her oldest child, Noah Belmont, ’14, began to attend FC. An opening came up and she jumped on the opportunity.

Warkentin is a long-time veteran of the office, she became a full time employee of FC in 1984, and has excelled in her many vital roles.

“When third and fourth grade moved to Peoples Campus, I became the elementary secretary,” Warkentin said. “Since that time more responsibilities have been added to my job: purchasing agent, transportation coordinator and my current title is K-12 Administrative Assistant”

The daily responsibilities of the office staff go unnoticed by students and parents. Years of experience in school affairs, has allowed Warkentin to hone her skills of management.

“I attended a business college where I was taught some basic skills,” Warkentin said. “However, most of my management skills have been learned on the job. I am self-motivated and enjoy learning new ideas.”

Nearly all students have been assisted by the dynamic duo, John Dooman, ’15, needed to obtain a copy of his official transcript in order to receive a very hefty discount on a ski resort season pass. But he did not think that the office, or either secretary could help him with the matter because Christmas break had just started.

To Dooman’s great surprise, Belmont, when asked, obtained his transcript both electronically and in paper copy.

“I was very doubtful that Mrs. {Vickey} Belmont would be able to help me with my dilemma,” Dooman said. “But she came through and was very nice about it. I’m thankful that we have such willing and helpful staff members, especially in the office.”

This is just one of the many stories of kindness and helpfulness of the office staff.

Kindness is a great tool, especially when used to help people that need something you can provide, be sure to thank them while passing by, for their service and hard work.

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