Elevate is a game-based brain training app that crowned Apple’s “Best iPhone App of 2014” award. It is designed to improve the customer’s focus, memory, information processing ability and more.

The developers of Elevate collaborated with experts in neuroscience and cognitive science to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of this program.

When trying out the app for the first time, users can customize the program by selecting the specific skills they want to improve, including “to articulate your thoughts more clearly,” “process information faster,” “retain more of what you read and hear,” and so on. Then, Elevate will post a quiz to evaluate users? current brain power level in 5 aspects: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening and Math.

During the training, these five aspects will be further categorized into 28 specific skills such as speaking precision, listening focus and writing error avoidance. Each of the skills is related to a fun game through which the app challenges users’ brains.

Steven Tweedie from Business Insider praised the subtle design of the games in Elevate.

“Each game features a polished design and plenty of attention to detail, but most importantly,” Tweedie said, “Elevate strikes a good balance between challenging and fun; a vital requirement to get you to return for more training the next day.”

Users will be given three different training sessions each day to build the skills they need and the orders of the sessions are personalized to optimize each users? training result. Elevate also automatically adjusts the difficulty of the games according to players? previous performances. After completing each session, a certain number of points will be added to the user’s overall score in the related aspect.

You can also play games that you have unlocked as many times as you want, but in order to unlock every game at once, you will have to pay and update this app to “Elevate Pro”.

Just like the fitness training apps available on mobile devices, this brain training application pushes users’ limits by providing training sessions that are more challenging than the users’ current ability. Thus, the first few sessions might be frustrating, but if you complete the training at least 4 times a week, as the app developers suggested, exhilarating results will arise.

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