Junior Alexis Kalugin writes a biweekly blog, Window Seat, about staying connected to Christ in everyday life. Kalugin ties in aspects from everyday life and shares a Godly perspective on them.

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Feather Blogger, Alexis Kalugin, posts her biweekly blog, Window Seat, to offer an encouraging perspective on everyday life.

 Kalugin has written over 7 blogs throughout the course of the school year. Her latest blog focuses on encouraging others through the Word. She mentions 1 John 3:8 to incite hope.

Simply Encouargement

As a new year begins, as we start fresh on a new semester, we can begin to feel weary. Since we are weary we are discouraged. We begin to go through the motions of school, practice, work, etc.. We start to ?live? for the weekend. Or when we have our next break. Is this how we are supposed to live? Sometimes we can barely get by and looking forward to the weekend is what gives us hope.

If we keep living this way on a day to day basis we become discouraged. It seems like there is no hope or joy during our daily routines. We tend to feel lonely. I know right now in my life there has been alot of change. Though I?ve come to accept this change it still effects me. We are not meant to walk through life this way. It will only get more depressing. Lets begin to look at the simple blessings. Even if school life, family life, social life, etc? is all terrible and there is no hope or joy right now.

God has created the sun sets, he has given you friends, chapel to go to twice a week when regular public school kids don?t even get that opportunity. We are blessed to go to a school where the teachers are willing to pray with us. We are meant to encourage each other.

“The reason the son of God appeared was to destroy the devils work.” 1 John 3:8. We are given this source of Hope. As discouraging as life gets we were meant to build up one another. God can destroy the devils work in an instant. He wants to use us. By giving into the loneliness and the depressing thought of having to go to school again or whatever life is bringing us we are accomplishing just what the devil wants us to accomplish.

By blessing others with the resources we are given we start to take our eyes off of our situations and onto the situations of others who need encouragement. Though it is not good to totally ignore what we are going through. It is good to take our eyes off of the trials for one second and just encourage someone who is walking a similar path. Sometimes we are blessed by helping others. Life will always have its ups and downs. Sometimes we can stand stronger by enjoying the simple moments of a sunset or encouraging someone who really needs it.

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