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SoundCloud has recently gained increased popularity amongst its users.

Music has become a big part of expression in todays culture as a whole. Many companies have come out like Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Rhapsody and now SoundCloud.

SoundCloud was originally founded in Stockholm, Sweden but then established in Berlin, Germany in August 2007. It currently has over 175 million users. The users range from musicians, journalist and interviewers. This new online streaming allows users to add, save and share audio recordings from interviews, podcasts or a music.

The two CEO’s of SoundCloud are founders Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlfross. They both grew up with music but they then noticed that there was a program to share photos such as Instagram and Flickr and to share videos there was Vimeo. But to share music there was no platform, he then took up the responsibility to bring that program where people could share, or get some feedback on their music.

When the website was originally made in 2007 it was mostly used by upcoming music artists. But now newspapers and company looking for maximum advertise can upload audio onto the website and share it with millions of users.

SoundCloud is very famous for music sharing and streaming ad commonly used now for upcoming artists to debut their new albums.

Tyler Breedlove, ’16, shares his experiences with SoundCloud.

“I love SoundCloud because I love music,” Breedlove said. “Its a great way to find different kinds of music and also a great way to just relax and listen to your favorite tracks.”

SoundCloud also gains popularity with high school newspapers. It has been rampantly used by El Estoque a high end school newspaper located in Santa Clara. They have done many staff profiles, food reviews and sports updates which have then been uploaded to their SoundCloud.

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