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Boy’s fall short againt the Fowler Redcats

Taylor-soccer-picJeremy Brown | The Feather Online Archive

Captain Taylor Howard attempts to dribble past a Fowler defender in the second game of the season.

For the first league game of the year, the FC boys soccer team
played the Fowler Redcats at home on the North field. With fog overhead and the sun inching its way out, the game began, beginning the rivalry once again.

Both teams were slow to set themselves into the game yet within the first 10 minutes both teams were equally aggressive and matched. Chances on both sides were prevalent yet the Redcats were able to cash, leading 1-0. The Eagles were persistent though and with a long pass by sweeper Adam Khouzam, striker Joshua Carter scored off of a sprint, slotting the ball to the corner net..

At the beginning of the second half the Eagles came out asleep, while the Redcats started out strong and confident. Yet the Eagles managed to keep Fowler at bay, keeping the game tied 1-1. Halfway through the second half, the Redcats scored through the massive amount of players in the box, scoring off of accidental blocks and deflections, heading the ball in just out of goalie, Bailey Brogans reach. With fifteen minutes left in the half, forwards and mid’s attempted to tie it back up. Yet the goal was just out of reach and the Redcats won 2-1.

Head coach Matt Markarian was pleased with how the team played yet believes thatthe team lost because the team losing their composure in front of the goal.

“The team played well,” Markarian said. “We created chances and had a few near misses. I was proud of the effort of Josh Carter, he lead the team with his effort and presence on the field. For future games I am hoping to improve our composure and to finish in front of the net.”

Sophomore and first year soccer player Julian Castro was content with how he played yet knows that he and the defense have things to work on.

“I am a new player, but I am learning really quickly,” Castro said. “I was able to get some contacts and get the ball away from there offense most times. Yet as I am part of the defense, I am aware we need to really build our chemistry, since we have two first year layers as both marking backs. We really need to make sure we know what were doing and always be as physical as possible.”

The Eagles will next play the Minaret Mustangs on Jan. 16 at 5 o’clock.

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