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While leadership plans new and exciting events, the class will be reconnecting after the holiday break to talk about winter formal.

Student leadership is taking a more active role in promoting student involvement throughout this school year. Please return to read about how FC students are actively learning, serving and promoting teen events on and off campus in this weekly article series.

As school rolls back in, student leadership welcomes back all FC students, parents and staff and wishes the whole school a happy new year! Over the year leadership created new events and kept old traditions running. The new events were great experiences to try out and were generally believed to be successful.

Starting the new year, the class is up and running with even more new events like National Bubble Day.

Bubble day, Thurs., Jan. 8, is a day specifically for bubbles, in honor of the event, student leadership will be handing out bubbles at lunch to distribute and have fun with. National bubble day also shares the day with national Argyle Day, Earth Rotation Day and Joy Germ Day.

While leadership plans new and exciting events, the class will be reconnecting after the holiday break. Students will line up the calendar for the next couple weeks. The class will also start to discuss the next big event, Night of the Stars (NOTS).

NOTS is a formal event where high school students gather to watch class made movies. The movies are all made by students by acting, filming, script writing, and planning. Student leadership’s goal is to get the word out sooner to give the classes more time to work, in result of a better quality film.

The event will be held on Mar. 28, and the venue has changed from The Grand 1401 downtown to Wolf Lakes. As parents enjoy knowing what their child is involved in at school, the morning of the event parents will be able to view all class movies (more details to come).

Leadership students will start planning costs for tickets, decorations, set up and dinner choice within the upcoming weeks.

As leadership continues to create events to get more students involved with the school, shortly after NOTS the class will open up to planning Sadie’s in April.

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