Allison Tapley uses Dance to glorify God

Allison Tapley found a way to break free from her insecurities in academics, and succeed in something else; Dance.Jeremy Brown | The Feather Online Archive

Allison Tapley found a way to break free from her insecurities in academics, and succeed in something else; Dance.

Allison Tapley, the choreographer for FC drama’s production of Music Man, struggled with academics from elementary through high school. She found a way to break free from her insecurities in academics, and succeed in something else; Dance.

Dance has been a way for her to escape the trials of life and let her emotions flow. When words could not describe her pain or love for God, Tapley used dance as a way to express her thoughts and feelings.

“I have learned along the way, and I feel God has been teaching me that some of the most basic dance moves can be the most beautiful,” Tapley said. “Especially when a story is told and emotion is carried out.”

During her childhood, Tapley’s parents divorced and was a difficult time for her. Instead of seeking comfort in self harming and emotional outlets, Tapley found a way to get her pain out through physical movement.

Taking dance not only helped her through trials, but created friendships that provided the community she needed. Tapley realized that her parents divorce, led her to find healing in dance. Dance has led her closer to God and produced great joy and community in her life.

“The thing is life is full of trials,” Tapley said. “Jesus says in James, count it all joy, my brothers when you meet trials of many kinds. Trials have lead me to dance which in the end has produced a joyful soul.”

Tapley believes that anyone who struggles with physical and emotional pain can find therapeutic healing in the arts, such as singing, dancing, drawing, acting on stage and much more. It is a way to release anger without hurting yourself.

Tapley has been successful in expressing her emotions throughout her dance career. She trained at the Dance Studio for eight years taking ballet and jazz.

After graduating, she continued to Fresno City College to earn her undergraduate in dance. She is currently earning her masters in dance.

For the past 15 years Tapley has taught dance to kids ranging from ages 3 to adults. She currently teaches at the Peoples School of Creative Arts (PSCA) at Peoples Church. Tapley believes teaching dance is her calling. She loves being able to share her passion with her students.

“I love being able to give back my passion,” Tapley said. “I definitely think it’s my calling. I love being able to do it for the Lord. Having a combination of my passion for dance and the Lord, has been really influential, not only for my soul, but I think for my students.”

Tapley continues to give back to her passion for dance to her students. She teaches beginning ballet and jazz classes, along with an intermediate jazz class, two hip hop classes, and an adult dance and fitness class.

“My goal,” Tapley said. “Is that my students will grow as dancers in technique and in their relationship with the Lord.”


Her ultimate goal would be to take dance on missions both locally and around the world. She also would love to start Christian dance competitions around the United States.

Homeschooler Kaitlyn Ackley, a student of Tapley, is continually motivated by Tapley’s enthusiasm for dance and God.

“She has taught me that I can do anything through God,” Ackley said. “She has really pushed me to do things that I thought I could never do in dance. She has challenged me to give my best in performance rather than just giving up.”

Her daughter, Emily Tapley, ’20, who is currently a seventh grader at FC, takes dance from her mom, as well as being a teacher’s aid in her moms hip hop class. She enjoys taking dance, because she can express her worship to God through her dance.

“Having my mom for a dance teacher can sometimes be challenging,” Emily said. “Because she holds me to a certain level. In class, instead of calling her mom, I have to call her Miss Allie like the rest of the students.”

Tapley hopes to keep dancing and perfect the different aspects of dance that have not been perfected yet.

After Christmas break, both Tapleys will start working on the dances for their recital in June.

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