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November’s student of the month is sophomore Katy Blankenship, chosen by science teacher Karen Walters for her devotion to academics and compassionate personality.

Junior shares love of the outdoors and science

Every month The Feather will highlight one student recommended by a teacher and voted upon by Feather staff members. Students are chosen depending upon several factors including and not limited to good grades, class engagement, positive attitude and special extracurricular activities.

November’s student of the month is sophomore Katy Blankenship, chosen by science teacher Karen Walters for her devotion to academics and compassionate personality.

“Katy is an outstanding student both academically and in terms of citizenship,” Walters said. “She is always willing to help fellow students and makes any group work. Her attention to detail makes her a great asset in the laboratory environment. Simply stated, Katy is a pleasure to have as a student and a good friend to her classmates.”

In addition to her diligence in the academic sphere Blankenship is a member of California Scholarship Federation (CSF), Sister to Sister and Spanish Club. She also intends to join Creative Writing Club this semester.

Blankenship says she participates in these clubs and activities in order to take full advantage of the opportunities placed before her.

“I think application is essential in whatever I do,” Blankenship said. “I am blessed to have so many opportunities in my classes and school activities so I want to try as hard as I can to utilize what I have been given.”

For Blankenship music has always been a significant part of life, with her mother bringing her to classes at an early age. Throughout, the years she has developed a passion for the art and continues to improve her skills.

Due to a hectic schedule Blankenship no longer takes piano lessons. However, the music enthusiast attends vocal lessons weekly and is currently a first year member of FC’s Adoration Ensemble.

Blankenship says that ensemble provides a place to both interact with friends and pursue her passion for music.

“I enjoy ensemble so much,” Blankenship said. “I have lots of friends in the class and Mrs. (Susan) Ainley is doing a great job as the director. The music she picks out for us is outstanding.”

Blankenship prefers to sing and play classical music, although, she appreciates a more modern indie style in her personal library. She considers her favorite artists to be Christiana Perri and Yael Naim.

For Blankenship, music is an outlet for self expression, a way to praise God, gain confidence and find peace simultaneously.

“I love music because it is a great way to express myself rather singing a praise song or writing one of my own to fit my situation,” Blankenship said. “It is always there to comfort me. I can?t remember not liking music it has always been such a large part of my life.”

Another of the underclassman?s main interests is the outdoors. Blankenship currently lives at the base of the foothills and enjoys hiking, horseback riding and fishing during her free time. Blankenship and her Dad often spend a day hiking and fishing at Hume Lake .
Blankenship believes her affection for the outdoors resulted from her parents’ own enthusiasm for all things involving nature.

“I love the outdoors because my parents especially my Dad, love the outdoors,” Blankenship said. “They do a lot of outdoor things with my siblings and me. We love going to Hume usually it’s just my Dad and me but sometimes the rest of the family will come too.”

Close Friend, Caitlin Gaines says that Blankenship manages to balance school work and social life while remembering to be imaginative and funny.

“She {Blankenship} is kind, sweet, creative and witty,” Gaines said. “She adds a lot of humor to our group. Katy is both the type of person to be devoted to her school work at school while still making time for her friends.”

Blankenship considers herself to be an animal lover with four dogs, a rabbit, a guinea pig and a hamster.

In the future she hopes to specialize in animal science or biology. Blankenship is interested in (Texas Christian University) TCU and Fresno State although, she is unsure about the high temperatures of the two locations.

Ultimately she hopes to unearth something new and beneficial. A family is also among Blankenship’s plans.

“I’m not sure specifically what I want to go into, but I would love to discover or invent something that would make an impact in the world,” Blankenship said. “I think discovering a new species of animal, or finding some new insight toward animal communication would be absolutely fantastic. I would also hope to have a family one day.”

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