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In an effort to get students involved, student leadership has been promoting the events for the 30th homecoming week, Oct. 27-31. Through social media, posted signs, and live announcements, a total of 28 members work to inform the student body of dress-up days, pageants and the football game.

In collaboration with The Feather Online, the student leaders have been using the newspaper’s aid with twitter, Instagram, and online publication of news and updates considering the events of the notorious week.

Vice president Ashley Garcia, ’15, has been a major proponent in the advertising of homecoming week. She believes that the breadth of avenues the class is using to promote the events is a big factor in catching students’ attention.

“I know for the dress up days we have been putting up posters everywhere, and we made a very cool video that we showed in chapel to make everyone aware,” Garcia said. “We also have been posting on Twitter and Instagram, getting everyone pumped up for what’s happening.”

Throughout the excitement of the week, Garcia has been sure not to overlook the importance of the game itself.

“For the game, we’ve been doing pageants throughout the week,” Garcia added. “We’ve also made movie trailers for the night of homecoming to match the Hollywood theme; we even had the senior candidates make a movie.”

Student leadership’s public relations representative Sydney Belmont, ’17, has been sure to keep herself busy with getting the word out.

“We made signs, we made sure everyone is aware of it by talking about it in advisory, in chapel, with our friends, and wherever else we can,” Belmont said.

As first year public relations representative on the team, Belmont has been sure to exceed the expectations considering homecoming week.

“This year is different because we’ve been putting quite a bit more time into running the pageants,” Belmont said. “Making movie-style posters, and we are going to have the candidates parade around the game in cars.”

Sophomore student leadership member Dawson Triplitt, ’17, has been involved in preparing the material.

“The posters we made really set the tone for the publicity we arranged for,” Triplitt said. “Students see them literally every time they walk down the hallway; repetition has been proven to be a way of subconsciously ingraining an idea in people’s minds.”

He has been impressed by the result of utilizing the talents of the photo-journalism class.

“The photoshopped movie-style posters turned out great,” Triplitt added. “They really play into the whole Hollywood theme.”

Leadership Advisor Vickey Belmont stresses the importance of getting the word out for homecoming events and activities; she believes it is vital to the success of the week as a whole.

“I think it’s important because not everyone in the school goes to the school,” Belmont said. “There’s extended family, there’s people from past classes, there’s supporters in the community; everyone is able to be tuned in to the events the week holds, so they are better suited to be involved.”

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