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As homecoming draws near, students will scramble to put the final pieces in place for their floats to compete against other high school classes. Freshmen students will come together and participate in the construction of their Sci-Fi themed float and rush against the clock to attempt to make it the most superior float.

Students will be continuing to work on it every weekend until homecoming, Oct. 31. The freshmen plan on having a good time making their float this year, and hope to have as much support as possible.

It all comes down to one night. Many students will come to the game and view the varying floats. They will all do this however, many of them will never really understand how much time and effort has gone into each and every float.

As lead designer, Sally Rudolfs, ’18, has taken leadership over the freshmen and plans on making a successful float. Rudolfs has enjoyed working on her first homecoming float with her classmates along with coming up with the float’s theme.

“On our float we are planning to combine the Enterprise from Star Trek and the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars,” Rudolfs said. “I’ve had a really fun time working on my float with all my friends and I really hope that this project will be accomplished on time.”

Freshman Roman Endicott expands upon his goals for the upcoming festivities and hopes the best for his class.

“If we stay diligent and keep working on the float and not be distracted, we should be able to finish on time,” Endicott said. “We’re shooting for the stars, but usually the freshmen don?t get very high, and hopefully we don?t come in last.”

The underclassmen will continue to work on the float right up to the week of homecoming. When the float is being showcased on homecoming night, all of the strenuous sweat dripping work will be payed off.

Freshman Erich Miller is confident that the freshmen who are working on the float, if properly worked on and portray a good work ethic, can be successful and win the float contest this year at homecoming.

“This is definitely the most fun I’ve had this year while helping out making this float,” Miller said. “I hope we get to win this year after all of the hard work we put in to this, it could give the freshmen a good reputation but only for a
short amount of time.”

Freshman Carlee Whipple, 18′, likes to spread joy to her floats group and is hopeful that this year, the freshmen will be victorious.

“Although building our float is really hard work, Its also really rewarding. Getting to be a part of a project for my school, and being able to do so with friends is priceless.” Whipple said. “Im so happy I decided to help participate in the float this year!”

Nathan Mount and Jaden Ventura, writers, also contributed to this article.

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