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Grandparents are being asked to join campus students for the 23rd annual Grandparents Day at 9 a.m., Oct. 3. The grandparents will experience campus life at FC by following the students into their classes and enjoying a well prepared lunch.

Student leadership is working together to help make the grandparents feel welcomed to our school. Grandparents will be greeted by student leadership in front of Building Five when they check in and be given a list of their grandchild’s schedule.

Freshman Olivia Messer enjoys Grandparents Day because she is able to tour her grandparents around the campus, showing them what it’s like to be a FC high schooler.

“I’m super excited for this year’s Grandparents Day! I?m looking forward to helping all of the grandparents and showing them that we care for them here at Fresno Christian,” Messer said. “I think it’s really awesome how we can bond as a school by helping the grandparents around campus and showing them what high school at Fresno Christian is like.”

At 11:40 a.m., faculty and student leadership will serve the grandparents a lasagna lunch that the faculty worked hard preparing to show appreciation to the grandparents. Home economics teacher, Sharon Scharf, and her classes, are baking cookies to serve with the annual Grandparents Day lunch.

Superintendent Jeremy Brown is excited for Grandparents Day this year. He shares why Grandparents Day is beneficial to the campus.

“Grandparents Day is a day for us to be intentionally transgenerational,” Brown said. “I think it?s a great time for us as a community to bring in three or even four generations of family together to be apart of the Fresno Christian family. It’s good for grandparents to experience what schools like for their grand kids.”

Alice Tostado, grandmother of Missy Tostado, ’18, is excited to see her grandchild during Grandparents Day, as well as eating the annual lunch served.

“Meeting the other grandparents, seeing the younger generation bound with the older generations and the delicious food are my favorite parts of Grandparents Day,” Alice said. “I look forward to meeting the other grandparents and the children.”

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