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Casgua, bottom left, plays the xylophone in the Fresno State Band 

Many campus graduates find that their most influential moments were made while attending FC. Former alumnus, David Casuga, discovered his passion for music and percussion during his time spent at the school.
Casuga now teaches jazz band and percussion; he is majoring in jazz performance. He began his musical career as a percussionist and has enjoyed percussion in general. His goal as a teacher is to assist the percussion program towards growth into an impressive program.

While teaching at FC, Casuga attends Fresno State. He is involved with band classes and even plays a few instruments in the Fresno State Band.

“Fresno Christian is where I discovered my passion for music,” Casuga said. “The music program gave me the opportunity to discover and explore music. I quickly found out that it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

After graduating, he wanted to give back to the program that inspired him. He enjoys being able to teach a subject that he himself is passionate about and hopes to impact his students to grow to love music as he does.

“What motivates me to teach is the thought that I could impact someone’s life through music just as I was,” Casuga said. “Because I have attended Fresno Christian since first grade, more than half my life was spent walking the halls of FC. Some of the most influential and impactful conversations I ever had were with friends and mentors of the Fresno Christian family.”

Former student percussionist, Andrew Guthrie, ’15 awaits to become better and to play with the rest of his drum team.

“This is my second year doing percussion and I really like it,” Guthrie said. “Last year was a lot more laid back and this year Casuga pushes us to college level drills. Even with the small amount of students in the class I think we can carry out the challenging drills.”

Not only did Casuga dedicate his heart towards the music program, but also towards The Feather. Throughout his high school career he served as the newspaper’s webmaster. While in the journalism lab he strived to carve his work ethic into perfection.

“Within the confines of the journalism lab is where I discovered my work ethic, to strive for perfection and my love of winning. Those are two things that I definitely transfer into my teaching methods,” Casuga said. “I can say that The Feather has helped me be an organized and responsible student.”

Emily Cox, ’19, looks at working with older classmen as a building block to success.

“The class is bigger than it was last year,” Cox said. “Casuga helps us with different techniques and challenges us a lot. I look forward to become a better percussionist this year.”
Casuga took a moment to look back and describe the unique ways that his school community changed his life. Casuga treasures how FC offers exclusive opportunities and challenges, which differentiates it from other schools. From the students’ perspective, he saw what set FC apart.

“I knew I wanted to teach at FC because the campus is unique in so many ways,” Casuga said. “It offers specialized opportunities and offers challenges. There really isn’t anything like the Fresno Christian experience.”

Every day Casuga gives thanks that he is a part of a program that he loves. He can’t wait to see what the music program conducts in the future.

“Seeing what God can do through the students and faculty’s lives is more than words can put together,” Casuga said. “Even to have a chance to be a part of the music department is more than an opportunity or privilege but it’s a blessing and I thank God for the occasion every day. I honestly couldn’t think of a better program to associate myself with then one as truly amazing as this.”

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