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A event for citizens of Fresno County and beyond is the 131st annual Big Fresno Fair. The 2014 Fresno Fair will be taking place from Oct. 1-13.

A beloved event for citizens of all varieties from Fresno County and beyond is the 131st annual Big Fresno Fair. The 2014 Fresno Fair will be taking place from Oct. 1-13. The fair will be held at the Fresno Fairgrounds as is tradition.

Many believe that the fair is a great place due to its many attractions. At the fair, people have the opportunity to embark on stomach-twisting rides, eat great food, look at art, watch horse racing, concerts, mutton busting, livestock exhibits, an array of educational programs. Consider making a pit stop at the Fresno Fair Museum as well.

There will be several new foods this year such as deep fried candy bars, deep fried Kool-Aid, and deep fried pork rinds. Big Fair Food is the only reason some people go to the fair. However long time favorites such as: cinnamon roles, soft tacos and cotton candy.

There are many opportunities to save money at the fair. Coupon books, season passes and unlimited carnival ride wristbands are offered via the website. There is plenty of stuff to do for all ages at the Big Fresno Fair.

The campus art class traditionally contributes art in the Junior Exhibit Building and will also be going to look at art, and a few will even be submitting a some of their own pieces. For art students, this opens many doors to prizes and experience. This is also an opportunity for students to get their artwork noticed in the community.

Art teacher Sharon Scharf believes that this event is crucial for aspiring art pupils. The art competition gives a unique chance to move their line of work into a more competitive range.

“We enter the Fresno Fair competition every year to give the kids a chance to show off their art,” Scharf said. “It also lets other schools and the community know that we are still here, and still have a competitive art program.”

Scharf said that as along as she is involved in the art department, students will continue to make an annual trip to the fair. She enjoys going to the fair and competing.

Senior Ryan King, has participated in the art competition held by the fair independently in years before. This year, King will be entering several of his personal photography projects into the contest once again.

“I entered a photo into the fair last year,” King said. “This was helpful to my photography career because I received constructive criticism. I’m entering a few more pieces this year, and I can’t wait to hear what the judges have to say about my work in this year. I would hope to hear that I have improved since last year.”

Scharf will be taking Sally Rudolfs, ’18, Cayla Rivas, ’18, and Amber Wilson, ’17, to compete in the fair chalk drawing event, Oct. 7. They will compete against other high school’s art teams.

In the next few months art students will be competing in a number of different competitions, including the Congressional Art Competition. Be sure to return to this paper for art updates in the months to come.

Chloe Mueller, Editor-in-Chief, contributed to this article.

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