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Lesley Bannister takes on the role as a music teacher and teaches jazz, percussion and band.

The 2014-’15 year has been through a lot of changes, especially in recruiting new staff members. One of which is music teacher, Lesley Bannister. She is currently teaching jazz band, percussion and band.

Bannister took over the position of former Music Director, Michael Ogdon. She is excited for what is to come in her first year of teaching.

“I was researching schools because my daughter is heading into kindergarten, and I saw a [/fusion_builder_column]

[FC] job opening for music teacher, so I took the job,” Bannister said. “I love it. The students are amazing, the staff are friendly and helpful and it’s great to live your faith with the job you love, which you can’t find in other jobs.”

Bannister attended Fresno State and received her BA in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Children’s Music. She plays such instruments as the piano, clarinet and voice.

“My goals and expectations for this year is to get all students to develop more skills in their instruments and more opportunities to perform,” Bannister said. “The students are hard workers, and I’m expecting to put it to the next level, especially with David {Casuga}, and Megan {Stewart}.”

Bannister has been married to her husband, Josh, for 12 years. She has three children; her daughter Trinity (4), and her twin sons Landry and Deacon, who are 5 months old.

Dean of Students Amy Deffenbacher, is glad to hear more about Bannister. She thinks that her teaching skill will help students grow in music and in faith.

“I am thankful we are able to bring in someone who has a wide variety of experience with music education to provide stability and to help us grow our program,” Deffenbacher said. “She {Bannister} is kind, she’s responsible and she truly has a heart for students and for music. She’ll help students and make more meaningful connections to the world through music.”

Madison Seib, ’15, is currently taking jazz band. Since Bannister joined, she immediately kindled a relationship with her, along with many other students.

“I’m really glad she {Bannister} came,” Seib said. “Even though she has different methods than Ogdon, its gives us a way to improve our skill. She’s good at teaching new students who are not familiar with their instruments and she knows what to do and what is to be done, especially through practices.”

Sophomore Trevor Trevino admires the joy Bannister expresses when she teaches.

“She has a joyful attitude and she is always smiling when she is teaching music,” Trevino said. “She always has a really great attitude towards us and knows what she is talking about.”

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