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David Martins shows his replacement, Robert Hyatt, the technology of FCS.

For the past 18 years, Information Technology (IT) director David Martens has contributed to the school through several ways, a few including working with The Feather, where he helped with the former Webmaster David Casuga in transferring the newspaper online.

Along with his job working along side The Feather, Martens helped boost the wifi and supported the teachers as they changed into the new world of technology. He spent most of the summer creating a strong and capable net of wifi for the school. Not only has he worked in technology during his career at FC, but his last five years have been spent building up the ministry on campus as the Worship Band Director, reverting back to what he majored in college. Now, Martens is moving on from FC and is heading off into another world; the college life.

David Martens was working at Clovis Evangelical Free Church as the worship band leader when his friend gave him an invitation to come to the school.

“I first came here in May of 1998,” Martens said. “My best friend at the time was Tim Wilkins, who was the superintendent at Fresno Christian. He was the keyboard player of my worship band and he offered me a job, which I took, and that is where it all started.”

While here at FC, Martens has filled many of the positions which were needed for certain years, while still keeping his role as technology director.

“The main job which I have done is the Director of Technology,” Martens said. “I have taught computer classes, web design, graphic design, bible classes and in the last 5 years I started to teach Worship band. I have especially liked returning to my original passion at Tabor.”

When Martens was in college, he had no intentions of becoming a Technology Director, his main focus was to serve the Lord through music. Now, he gets to realize his old dream once more.

“I received an education in music, which is really where I love to serve,” Martens said. “Lately I have had the desire to get back into music ministry, especially in a church environment. A friend of mine who I graduated college and did my graduate studies with, contacted me this summer offering me a job at my Alma mater; Tabor college in Hillsborough, Kansas. I will be the Director of Contemporary Christian Music there, and I will be the Director of Music in a local community church.”

Alumna, and Fresno Pacific student Natalie Ruiz, has fond memories of Martens and her time here in worship team.

“I miss the close fellowship of our team,” Ruiz said. “Martens was our foundation and helped foster a very close-knit environment between all of us. His personality created a warm atmosphere and always made us feel welcome and excited about the next worship session. My time spent around Martens taught me how to approach the Lord in worship. I came before God knowing I was nothing but glorifying Him for being everything. I am incredibly thankful for Martens showing an amazing example of humility and respect in the worship environment.”

As Martens leaves to start anew he will miss his time here at FC and all of the people who have made memories with him including his office buddies.

“The biggest thing which I will miss here is the people,” Martens said. “People like Greg Stobbe, and the secretaries in the office will be who I miss the most. When I first came to FC I had no knowledge of web design, but by the end I knew all their was to know about it. Also by teaching and starting up the worship band, that experience will really help me as I start up another one, in the church, and on the campus at Tabor.”

With the transition of the new IT Director Robert Hyatt, Martens is excited to see the impact he will have on the campus in technology as well as ministry.

“I am excited for what is to come with this school, especially my replacement,” Martens said. “His name is Robert Hyatt and he is very knowledgeable in computers and in new systems. He also has a big heart for ministry, and will have a big effect on the school.”

Martens officially left his job as the technologies director, Sept. 5, and will head off to pursue his new worship position as Director of Contemporary Christian Music at Tabor College in Hillsborough, Kansas.

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