Benfits of JurnoFeather staff

Publications improves students’ knowledge of social media, technology, and connects them to the community around them.

Fall has arrived which means it is time for many students to sign up for new classes and clubs. For The Feather, it means recruiting new members.

Unlike other classes, journalism teaches students how to become involved and reach out to their fellow classmates. Publications improves students’ knowledge of social media, technology, and helps them become extraordinary writers.

Staff members are connected with the school in all areas, whether it be at school activities or school events. The Feather Online allows you to see Fresno Christian from an inside perspective.

History teacher, Kori Friesen, believes The Feather enforces students to join the crowd and capture moments about others that not many people may know.

“There are so many things that happen during the school day that go unnoticed,” Friesen said. “Being apart of The Feather gives you access to what everyone else is doing. Students can get to know each other outside of their circles.”

Not only does publications teach its staffers to communicate but it also gives them guidelines that will improve their work ethic. Students are faced with situations like responsibility, working independently and deadlines that are in preparation for college. Colleges not only look at a students’ capability or GPA, but also club and extra activities.

Superintendent Jeremy Brown , stresses that The Feather gives students more exposure to the world and to the community around them.
“Digital media gives lots of venues for students to communicate,” Brown said. “This generation is more improved in technology, there are so many programs that allow students to connect. Not only can students learn to communicate but they can learn their voice.”

Many high school students today use cell phone devices in their everyday lives. Publications encourages FC students to tag or hashtag The Feather via Twitter and Instagram. The hope is that this will help connect students to the school. All grades have access to school events and details at their fingertips.

The digital portion of the program also teaches new learners how to stream audio and video from their cell phones. Podcasting and videos broaden the horizons for The Feather. Through podcasting, students can learn about student life and news on the campus. The Feather provides other avenues like videos and podcasts besides written articles.

The new recruits acquire the knowledge of how to use Photoshop and macromedia programs. Students who attain these skills are able to use them in college.

Superintendent Brown sees that The Feather class helps shy recruits become interactive with people of different circles.

The Feather is one of the biggest and most successful clubs on the Fresno Christian campus,” Brown said. “With journalism teacher, Greg Stobbe, pushing the staff to test their limits, The Feather will succeed and go beyond what it really means to be an high school online newspaper.”

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