Stobbe’s freshmen English class parades through hallways

BeastsofEnglandSmFeather screenshot

English teacher Greg Stobbe, center, has creates a chorus of freshmen singing “The Beasts of England” from George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’.

The ghosts of George Orwell’s pigs have been roaming the campus hallways since the 2000 school year.

And while national anthems are routinely sung, chanted and hummed throughout the world, a classic song echoes through this high school’s classrooms each April after a week of practice in Greg Stobbe’s English room.

This spring is no different.

Be prepared to host a gaggle of cows, turkeys, pigs, dogs, sheep and an array of other animals as the chorus of riled up tenderfoots weave their way through both expectant and surprised rows, May 8. And if listeners dare, sing along with the greenhorn choristers during period 4.

But expect nothing less than organized propaganda. The beasts are back!

Orwell’s Animal Farm is the focus and the Beasts of England lyrics are its centerpiece.

Listeners may have a favorite verse or may still know most of the anthem as they too survived Stobbe’s antics and passionate push to learn the memorable song. Therefore, may this serve as a warning or heads up or both. While the song may be brief, its catchy tune and lyrics often revisit the participant for weeks.

Do you remember it appearing in your dreams, random humming while getting dressed in the morning, or just hearing it repeat over and over again in your head when you least expect it?

This is the power of song.

The Feather staff posts this practice video as a demonstration only. The 2014 freshman English class, in a friendly competition, hopes to entice you to participate with them. Be ye prepared.

For those who need a reminder of past performances, watch the 2013 version as the ‘Beasts of England’ entertains campus classrooms (VIDEO).

And if that is not enough, be sure to check in with ‘Beasts of England’ 2012 (VIDEO) and/or the Animal Farm: Beasts of England, 2011 (VIDEO).

Listeners may also check out photos on Instagram (@thefeatheronline) and Twitter (@thefeather) over the next couple of days. You might view your favorite animal close up?