This year, a brand new music group at Fresno Christian sprung up, creating a whole new bond for four male students on campus: the Kingsmen quartet. With only three performances left, the group reflects on their favorite memories throughout the year. As two of the members are seniors, after this semester the Kingsmen’s quartet will break up.

The Kingsmen’s final three events include singing the “Star Spangled Banner” for a Grizzlies game, April 12, followed by the group singing soundtrack songs at a Star Wars themed wedding the same day. Their final performance will be alongside the rest of the music department for the closing concert, May 12.

Each member of the quartet, including their adviser, shares their most prominent memory from the past two semesters below.

Robbie Hill

This year I have had the privilege of being part of a brand new music group at Fresno Christian: the Kingsmen quartet. We?ve had quite a few performances, and at every single one, we have gotten great feedback on our music.

With all the songs we?ve done in that class, I have to say that the “Pirate Song” is my favorite to perform. Getting to go up there and sing well, and make people laugh at the same time is a wonderful feeling. I never really enjoyed singing in a choir where you have to stand still and keep a straight face. I feel comfortable on stage with these guys, and every time it’s a blast.

Joshua Carter

I enjoy singing with the guys because we are actually singing good and interesting songs, and we all try our best. Also being in a room for 50 minutes a day with a fun group of guys is always a good time. My favorite song has to be “De Animals.” It is just a really cool song, and we get to be funny the entire time.?

Andrew Guthrie

The reason why I?ve enjoyed the quartet so much is because it is the first group I?ve actually felt accepted in. I?ve felt changed as a person and more spiritually developed from being in this class, and the friendships I?ve made will never be forgotten. My favorite song was also “De Animals.”

Adam Loughney

I have had a great time with the quartet because of all the stuff I?ve learned from the guys. They have been such an inspiration and taught me so much, now I?m a much better singer, and I owe a lot to them.

Michael Ogdon
Music Director

The Kingsmen really started out as an experiment. At the beginning of the year we had six members, but due to difficulties, ended up with four guys. Then we looked at each other and said, well here we go. Now later in the year with a bit of work, we have a really good blend and balance musically. But whats more impressive to me is that we?re all friends, and everyday we come together we have fun. I wish we could?ve done a lot more, but it takes time. But I?d say that the favorite piece we?ve done is De Animals, mainly because we get to act like a bunch of hams.

Upcoming, we?ll be singing the Star Spangled Banner for a Grizzlies game on April 12th. And then on the same day we head to a wedding where we?ll be helping sing a few Star Wars themed songs. We?d love to see you come out and support Kingsmen at the game and have a fun time with us.

Robbie Hill

Rather than feeling sad and melancholy about not singing with the boys anymore, this is the time when I look back at the fun times we?ve had and the hilarious moments that have happened in that choir room. For me, my favorite thing about the quartet has been that its not just a music class, it?s a time of fellowship.

I?ve learned new things about singing in a group like a quartet, but I also gained so many life lessons from Mr. {Michael} Ogdon and the guys. When we got into that room the first week of school, I thought we were the weirdest group on campus. Now I?m happy to call these guys my brothers, and I would not have chosen a better group of men to spend this time with.

To see the Kingsmen quartet perform, attend the Grizzlies game at Chuckchansi Park at 7 p.m., April 12. Ticket prices range from 10-25$. For more information, click here.

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