As a homecoming tradition, Student Leadership plans a different dress up day for the week leading up to the game, Oct. 25. This year’s theme, “It’s a bird! it’s a plane! No, it’s homecoming!” coordinates with each day’s specific category. This feature will be updated daily to highlight that day’s costumes and attire.

Monday will be Marvel Monday, where students will dress as superheroes. Tuesday is set as Sports day where anything from sports attire to professional paraphernalia. Wednesday will be Pajama day, allowing students to wear pajamas to school. Thursday will be “fake injury day,” encouraging students to wear fake braces, use crutches or bandage themselves. Friday will be the traditional Spirit day where school colors should be worn for the 29th annual FC homecoming.

Check back each day for more information as the week progresses as well as more photos to the slideshow available at the bottom of each section.

Friday, Oct. 25
by Sara Peterson, Writer

As homecoming week comes to a close, students have one final chance to show off their school spirit. In honor of the homecoming football game against Riverdale Christian High School, students are encouraged to wear their favorite FC spirit attire for the final dress up day, Oct. 25.

As a tradition the last day of homecoming week, the students wear spirit wear to get pumped up for the game and show their Eagle pride. The majority of the student body participated by wearing various spirit shirts, collected from each student’s collective years attending FC.

Sophomore Sierra Duffy, is excited for the game tonight. She celebrates with her peers by participating in the dress up day.

“I love spirit day because it pumps everyone up for the game,” Duffy said. “It unites us as student body, and gives everyone a lot of school spirit. I’m really excited for the game tonight because homecoming is always fun; and I’m excited to see everyone’s floats.”

Junior Tyler Dondlinger, did not have enough time to put on any spirit wear this morning, so he was among the few who did not participate in the final day of homecoming dress up.

“I’m currently not wearing any spirit wear, but I have a spirit shirt in my car,” Dondlinger said. “I woke up late, rushed to school, and didn’t have enough time to put in on.”

Spirit day concludes with a rally in the Eagle gym at 2:30 p.m. The float set-up will begin immediately after school on the north field service road.

Junior Ashley Garcia, gives insight to the benefits to building homecoming floats with your classmates.

“I think float building brings your class together. You all have to work together in order to get your float built,” Garcia said. “It’s a friendly competition between classes, and it’s a good way to have fun.

The 2013 homecoming theme is “It’s a bird, it’s a plane. No! It’s Homecoming!” Game time is set for 7 p.m.

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Thursday, Oct. 24
by Ivette Ibarra

On day four of homecoming 2013, as the festivities are coming to a near close and anxiety runs high, students show their school spirit and enthusiasm by dressing up according to today’s theme: fake injury day, Oct. 24.

Students are limping their way around from class to class, some even brought crutches, arm slings. A majority had various wrappings on their heads, arms and legs.

One student, sophomore Ethan Andrew, even taped bandages to his hairy arms, which he was not looking forward to peeling off at the end of the day.

“These are going to hurt later, when I peel them off,” Andrew said.

Today the school appears to be faced with an epidemic of injuries. Students bond and tell fake stories as to how they have received their trauma. Junior Madison Seib reminisces in her memory as to how her previous injury happened.

“Over the summer, I was running with a couple of my friends,” Seib said. “As I was running, we were playing a game. I fell and totally ate it. I tried to get up, but I couldn’t because I had sprained my ankle.”

Many students participated in the event, but there were also students, who chose not to participate. Senior Robbie Hill is dressed in everyday clothes, despite the dress up day.

“Unlike the other days, such as pajama day and sports day, everyone seems to have that type of attire and it’s easy and fun,” Hill said. “Today’s theme was a little more elaborate. I haven’t broken my neck or my leg so I don’t now where to get a cast.”

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Wednesday, Oct. 23
by Chloe Mueller, Writer

Today is the third day of homecoming week, and festivities are in full swing. The theme for this Wednesday is a day many call their favorite: PJ Day. Pajama day is a popular day because students are allowed to attend classes in their most comfortable pajamas and sweats, which are normally out of dress code.

The halls are filled with students dressed in everything from gray sweatpants to colorful onesies. Some are even wearing fuzzy slippers and big hats.

Sophomore Olivia Tandadjaja, participating in sweatpants and a tee shirt, says that today is her favorite day of homecoming week.

“I really like PJ Day,” Tandadjaja says. “Today is definitely my favorite theme. It?s comfortable and easy, which is why I dressed up today.”

Although most students were dressed in their pajamas, some were not. Freshman Poojan Gopal showed up to school in everyday attire.

“I didn?t want to wear pajamas because I?m not about that life,” Gopal said. “I just don?t like to wear PJ?s.”

Most students consider PJ Day an essential part of homecoming week. It is a way, amidst the quick pace of the school week, that students can experience a more laid-back day while still showing school spirit.

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Tuesday, Oct. 22
by Trevor Beal, Writer

Today marks the second day of homecoming week 2013 where school spirit runs high on the many different dress up days but especially on sports dress up day, Oct. 22.

Students dressed in a variety of clothes, ranging from their own sports uniforms to professional sporting jerseys. The commonality of school sports and professional athletics helped bond students together.

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Grant Flammang, ’14, recognizes that athletics touches nearly everybody’s lives. Flammang has a connection to a sport that most don’t know about.

“Today I’m wearing my paintball jersey,” Flammang said. “Today it’s very clean because I washed it, but normally it is covered in paint.”

A quick walk around campus seems like a stroll at a professional baseball, football or basketball game. Spanning from vintage and autographed to old school jerseys, participants express their allegiance. Senior Ileana See sported a shirt in favor of her favorite baseball team.

“I wore my Giants shirt today, go Giants!” See said. “It was fun day but I’m looking forward to tomorrow because I love pajamas more than sports. But, today was a good day because sports has a wide variety of teams that people can choose from.”

Everyone likes to brag about the success of their favorite team or player but in the end join together, not divided by athletics. Sports dress up day shows students competitive nature and their ability to connect with classmates.

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Monday, Oct. 21
by Rees Roggenstein, Writer

Continuing the FC homecoming tradition of dress up theme days, students were allowed to dress up as a super hero for Marvel Monday, Oct 26.

Though students were allowed to dress up as any hero they wanted to, most students who participated chose to wear batman attire. Dozens of Batman impersonators took to the halls, letting the school know that the Dark Knight is always vigilant. Sophomore, Kevin Garcha, numbers among these mighty heroes.

“I chose to wear a batman jersey,” Garcha said. “It was the only thing I had, and I really wanted to participate. I was feeling extra Batman-y today; it?s my job to wear Batman clothes and save the world.”

Freshmen, Dawson Triplitt, could not find any super hero clothes, but still likes the idea of being able to participate.

“I didn?t dress up today because I kind of forgot, and I didn?t have any clothes,” Triplitt said. “I still like the idea of Marvel Monday, it looks like fun, I?m kind of sad I didn?t get to dress up.”

Few people chose to truly rise to the occasion of Marvel Monday, those who did let their creative abilities manifest themselves in the form of purely stellar costumes.

Ethan Andrew, ’16, chose to dress up as V, from “V for Vendetta.” Dawning a cape as black as night, and a menacing Guy Fawkes mask, Andrew showed the school his enthusiasm for this dress up day.

“I really like having the opportunity to wear a costume of someone no one else knows about,” Andrew said. “I chose to dress up as ‘V for Vendetta’ because no one really knows who he is, and I actually had something that looked like the complete costume.”

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