High schools all across the nation celebrate a sort of “homecoming” in one way or another, often by promoting school spirit for a crazy week ending in a home football game.

FC participates in the building of decorated “floats” to display during the game, encouraging a bit of competition and rivalry between classes. Each class picks a different topic under an overarching theme; this year’s theme being “It’s a bird, it’s a plane. No! It’s homecoming!” with each class picking a different superhero to portray.

FC also nominates and then votes for a princess representing each underclass, and a king and a queen from the senior class. The nominees are announced the week during homecoming half time. The days leading up to Friday’s game against Riverdale Christian High School are filled with pageantry, giving the students an opportunity to know more about the nominees.

Alumni Jenna Orcutt, ’13, and Matthew Jenkins, ’13, won the queen and king titles, respectively.

With the Queen Pageant and Princess Pageant already over, students look forward to the King Pageant, Oct. 24. Be sure to return to The Feather for more articles, slideshows and videos from this week’s events in the days to come.

The Feather provides coverage to all homecoming week activities, and last year’s Queen Pageant, Princess Pageant and King Pageant are all available for viewing.

Every year, FC students look forward to the homecoming game as it gives them a chance to catch up with alumni, view the floats, find out the winners of the homecoming court and watch the football game.

FC is in it’s first season of 8-man football, its first since 1992. Coaches and administration decided to switch back as a safety precaution for its players. The Eagles are 4-3 overall as of Oct. 24.

The Eagles take on the Christ Ambassadors of Riverdale Christian at 7 p.m., a team that is 1-4 going into Friday’s matchup.

Dusty Buns Bistro & Bus will provide food at the game, selling sandwiches, soups and sweets from their food truck.

Alumnus Director and Former Principal Gary “Papa” Schultz will be hosting an alumni reception area, as done in previous years. However, this year it will be in the newly refurbished library rather than a tent outside.

Students will be setting up their floats immediately after school, but some may start preparing during lunch time.

There will also be a 5th quarter following the game, hosted by People’s Church, highlighting FC.

Be sure to check The Feather in the following days for updates on the homecoming court, football games and floats.

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