Still wanting to support the football team while they travelled three hours away to Cambria to play the Coast Union Broncos, students loaded up in a charter bus to take a road trip to cheer on the players as well as spend a little time at the beach, Sept. 21.

Leaving later than past years, students as well as football players and cheerleaders boarded the busses at 1 p.m. to start the journey. Driving for about three hours the students finally made it to Cayucos Beach around 4:15 p.m., where the football players were only able to spend 45 minutes before departing to prepare for the game.

The students spent about two hours at the beach with some walking around the town and others participating in activities such as spike ball and volleyball. They then boarded the bus at 6:15 to go support the Eagles at the game.

Junior Brittany Bender found the beach trip as a great way to bond with fellow classmates. She was able to spend time with her friends as well as people she would not normally talk to, when on the bus.

“The beach trip was really fun,” Bender said. “The bus ride up was probably the best part. I was able to connect with a lot of people on the ride up, especially with Chloe Muller, she?s one of my best friends now.”

Experiencing the beach trip for the first time, Matthew Tanaka, ’17, enjoyed his time but thought there were some areas to be improved. Tanaka would have liked to see more entertainment on the bus ride up, believing he would have appreciated the trip more.

“I thought the beach trip was pretty fun,” Tanaka said, “I think the beach trip could use some minor improvements. Some entertainment on the bus ride up would be fun, maybe play a movie or something. But other then that the beach trip was pretty fun.”

Katie Danelle, ’16, enjoyed the many attractions Cayucos offered. Along with trying some clam chowder from a local restaurant she also spent time with her friends on the beach, although she would have liked the time to be longer.

“I really loved the beach we visited for the trip,” Danelle said. “The weather was great, the beach was nice and everything was very enjoyable. I would say there should be a little more time, but other then that the beach trip was awesome. I love the clam chowder places nearby the beach, they?re definitely worth a visit.”

Science and Chinese teacher Dan Harris tagged along with the students to chaperone for the trip. Harris brought along his wife and son to spend family time amongst the teens.

“This was my first time getting to chaperone for the beach trip,” Harris said. “It was great. I really loved being able to chaperone. The kids were great, they were goofing off but they were also very respectful. My favorite part of the beach trip was when we got the beach; I also got to take my wife and son on the beach. I loved watching my son play around in the mud, that was a lot of fun.”

Despite being tired on the drive up, junior Aaron DeWolf enjoyed the many activities he was able to participate in during his time at the beach.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the beach trip,” DeWolf said. “I was pretty tired so I was lethargic on the ride up, but when we got to the beach I had a blast playing volleyball, football and spikeball. This was a great beach trip, I wish we could have one like this every week.”

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