For a preview to the Eagles football season and a look at their scores so far, check out the Fall sport box scores, 2013, for dates, times, and all fall sports.

Also, please be sure to check out the Eagles’ schedule for the upcoming season at Max Preps. FC is currently 1-2 overall and 0-0 in the West Sequoia League as of Sept. 23. FC’s next game will be on Sept. 27, as the Eagles play El Sobrante Christian.


The Eagles travelled to the coast to play the Coast Union Broncos, Sept. 20. This game was played on the annual beach trip. The Eagles played this game a week after losing their home opener to Vacaville Christian, hoping to garner their second victory of the season.

The Eagles struggled to match the Broncos’ offensive intensity, dropping the game 49-14. Lineman Dillon Owens attributes the loss to a lack of being prepared physically, the commute causing all players to feel tired.

“Well, first of all, not the best game,” Owens said. “We could have done a lot better. I guess we all had a little ‘bus lag’, but we’ll just treat it as a learning experience, and we can improve because of it.

Owens said that although the long day may have dampened the Eagles’ energy, the problems they had were inexcusable.

“I think we all have got to get lower,” said Owens, “and we have to come out with a lot more intensity.”

Quarterback Rick Morrison felt that the offense did not show up to play the game the way the Broncos’ offense did, but the defense was the real reason the game got so out of hand.

They were a good team, obviously,” Morrison said. “Our defense wasn’t playing well, and that’s probably the reason why we lost. They struggled with getting back to the ball, covering the wide receivers, and just reading the offensive plays.”

Morrison, as the leader of the offense, shoulders some of the blame that inevitably comes to one who carries such responsibility.

“That being said, we (the offense) only put 14 points on the board, which is pretty hard to work with,” said Morrison. “We need to work on hurrying to the line before the snap and getting down. Also, catching the ball would be nice.”

The Eagles will next play the El Sobrante Christian Eagles at FC, Friday, Sept. 27.

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