Every day something new happens in the world of sports. A game is played, a practice is run, a transaction is completed, etc. Whether pro, college, or high school sports, there is always something going on.

Junior Christopher Grossman and second-year teacher Eric Witters have joined forces to bring the patrons of The Feather Online a podcast about all things sports dubbed “Goin Pro”. The duo analyzes the ongoings of things in the sports world and then regurgitates them with their own opinions in an up-beat, conversational style.

The duo starts off their 16th podcast by discussing the playoff race in the MLB, talking about the beginning of the NFL season, and analyzing the effect of performance enhancing drugs in pro sports.

Grossman and Witters start off with talk of the MLB and how the season played out. As playoffs draw closer, the two argue over World Series favorites and potential losers. The Los Angeles Dodgers and Atlanta Braves lead the discussion.

Next, the co-hosts go over the NFL and make predictions concerning not only the first week, but possible Super Bowl picks.

Finally, the two end with talk of performance enhancing drugs. In a world full of inhuman recoveries, breakout seasons, and court cases, the duo have plenty of fuel for this conversation.

PODCAST: MLB, NFL, and steroid use discussed: Aug. 22, 2013–

For more sports talk, see the podcast, Goin Pro Ep. 13 (PODCAST).