After finishing first semester, the Spanish Club prepares to commence the new year with fresh opportunities to learn about the Spanish culture and to serve different ministries both locally and overseas.

During the first semester, 43 students had the privilege of exploring the culture through tasting several types of ethnic foods native to Spanish countries.

While many students enjoy different aspects of Spanish Club, Jordan Castro, ’15, shares why he enjoys being a member of the campus club.

“I really enjoy Spanish Club,” Castro said. “They do a great job of getting to learn about different cultures, the people and where they’re coming from. But most of all, I enjoy the good food.”

While the first semester focused more on the Spanish culture in general, second semester will center more around guest speakers, games, educational activities and service projects.

In order to get a glimpse of life in another country, two missionaries from Colombia, originally from Clovis, CA, plan to visit and discuss their occupations with the students. Senior Maddie Yee had the opportunity to serve alongside the missionary family last summer, getting to share their experience of taking the Gospel to those less reached.

“Matt and Shelly Actis are originally from Clovis but moved to Quindio, Colombia to serve as missionaries,” Yee said. “They have been there for two years now and have built a ministry foundation called ‘Manos de Esperanza,’ which means, Hands of Hope. They love sharing their ministry and what God is doing in Colombia, so they are excited to come share in Spanish Club.”

Yee also enjoys sharing her experience of her time spent in Colombia. In fact, earlier in the year Yee was able to share her experience in one of the campus’ weekly chapels.

“I had the opportunity to go on a short term mission trip last summer to serve alongside the Actis family,” Yee said. “I fell in love with the people there and got to form a closer relationship with the Actis family. I am looking forward to having them here because FC Spanish students will get the chance to learn about how learning Spanish can be huge in future ministry opportunities.”

Spanish teacher Beatriz Foth, who is also in charge of Spanish Club, looks forward to the second semester, and what it means for the students.

“Spanish is going to have more guest speakers this second semester,” Foth said. “Like the missionaries we are having this Friday. We also want to have more interactions among the members with games, competitions and other educational activities. Also, we want to focus on the two service projects. One of the projects is local and the other is international.”

Spanish Club is only one of many extra curricular opportunities students are offered. It is a way to learn about what goes on in other parts of the globe, as well as other nations cultures and customs.

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