As a homecoming tradition, Student Leadership plans a different dress up day for the week leading up to the game, Oct. 26. This year’s theme, “Once Upon a Homecoming,” coordinates with each day’s specific category. This feature will be updated daily to highlight that day’s costumes and attire.

Monday will be Mad Hatter Monday, where students will wear crazy hats, stemming from Alice in Wonderland. Tuesday is set as The Wizard of Oz day where anything from the movie is acceptable. Wednesday will be Sleeping Beauty, allowing students to wear pajamas to school. Thursday will be Pirate-themed in honor of the movie Peter Pan. Friday will be the traditional Spirit Day where school colors should be worn for the 28th annual FCS homecoming.

Check back each day for more information as the week progresses as well as more photos to the slideshow available at the bottom of each section.

Friday, Oct. 26
by Jenna Weimer, Writer

To wrap up homecoming week and to rally the student body for the football game against the Immanuel Eagles, Student Leadership ended the week with Spirit Day. Students dressed out in FC spirit wear to show support for their football players and Eagle pride.

The day started early at 5:30 a.m. with a Spirit Assembly for homecoming morning covered by ABC30’s Amanda Venegas. Among those in attendance were the FC football team, the junior high and high school cheerleading squads, jazz band, colorguard, faculty, part of the student body and a few parents.

To show his Spirit for the school and for the football team, Timothy Nyberg set the bar high by dressing up in the Eagle mascot: Fierce. During the Spirit Assembly, he noticed that the student body was not pumped up enough.

“I’ve always wanted to dress up in the eagle costume, and this was a chance to do it,” Nyberg said. “The crowd wasn’t every excited, and we needed to get more pumped up about our school.”

Nyberg wishes that there were more days that the whole school got dressed up because in his opinion, the student body does not show enough pride.

“We don’t represent our school enough,” Nyberg said. “We need to have kind of a patriotism for our school, and we have to get excited about it. I think we should have more of these days so we can do that.”

Freshman Josh Carter does not care about school Spirit Day, and he certainly was not happy about getting up and coming to school at 5:30 in the morning. He decided to come, though, to escape his schoolwork for a couple of hours.

“I came here because I wanted a homework fast,” Carter said. “I’m not really that excited about Spirit Day because in elementary school we did spirit wear days every Friday. This morning I was thinking, ‘Oh, it’s happening again.’ I woke up and I didn’t want to be awake.”

Thursday, Oct. 25
By Gabriela Siqueiros, Writer

As students continue to dress up for the homecoming activities, many dressed up for Pirate Day, in order to represent Peter Pan, Oct. 25.

Students were encouraged to come to school dressed in any type of pirate attire. Many wore flannel shirts, bandanas and boots, some even brought some stuffed birds to perch on their shoulder.

Senior Katie Baker-Pauls could not find any pirate attire to wear to school.

“I didnt dress up today because i dont really have any clothes,” Baker-Pauls said. “Nothing would fit with the pirate theme today. Pirates are not really my thing.”

Sophomore Shannon Martens enjoys dressing up for the homecoming festivities. She came to school with leather boots, bandanna and pirate make-up.

“I dressed up because I had the perfect outfit,” Martens said. “I could’nt let it go to waste.”

Wednesday, Oct. 24
by Kaitlyn King, Writer

Continuing on with themed dress up days during the week of homecoming, Wednesday was assigned everybody’s usual favorite: Pajama Day, Oct. 24.

Students were able to come to school wearing their fuzzy pajamas, some going as far as wearing a onesie. Several finished off the outfit with an assortment of funky slippers. This is the only day during the school year that students are allowed to wear their pajamas.

Senior Amy Savage likes to dress up in her pajamas and participate with the school as they prepare for homecoming.

“I love to wear my pajamas to school because I believe that its the best theme day out of all of them,” Savage said. “This year seemed to have a lot more people dress up more than usual. It’s cool to see how many people cooperate and show their enthusiasm.”

Adam Loughney, ’14, enjoys the theme days because it allows him to get away with wearing his pajamas to school and staying comfortable throughout the day.

“Pajama day is usually the only day that I dress up for,” Loughney said. “It’s convenient for me because I don’t have to go out and buy any costumes, plus I like to show my school spirit.”

Unlike most students, music director Michael Ogdon believes that Pajama Day is personally an issue for him.

“Pajama Day is a problem for me because students stay tired all day,” Ogdon said. “You see people lying around like its ok. I think that isn’t what we, as teachers, are trying to get across.”

Tuesday, Oct. 23
by Emily Shakeshaft, Writer

In celebration of Homecoming week, Tuesday was designated the theme of The Wizard Of Oz, Oct. 23. As students pour through the doors, they are dressed in an assortment of colors with suspenders to embody a munchkin, pigtails and ruby red shoes like the one and only Dorothy and various other characters.

Sophomore, Breanna Jennings came to school with her strawberry blonde hair teased and a fur collar sweater to be represent the cowardly lion to show her school spirit.

“I was so excited for this dress up day because I had the perfect costume idea,” Jennings said. “I think today was super fun because there was a wide variety of things we could dress up as, and I got to be in a lot of pictures.”

Freshman Kiaya Hargis, decided to dress up as the Tin Man. She wore mainly silver and gray garb and even went as far to duck tape her shoes.

“Today was awesome to dress up, because I embraced being the Tin Man and went all out,” Hargis said. “It is so fun to really get into the themed days during homecoming week because you get to be in a lot of pictures if you dress up.”

High school secretary, Vickey Belmont, enjoys watching all the dressed up kids come through her office and pass them through the halls.

“It is so interesting to see all the kids get into it, and wear some cool and funky costumes,” Belmont said. “On top of the dress up days, the homecoming pagents are so fun, its just great to see the kids get so involved with the themed days.”

Monday, Oct. 22
by Tynin Fries, Editor-in-Chief

To match this year’s overall homecoming theme, “Once Upon a Homecoming,” Monday’s dress up day featured Alice in Wonderland with Mad Hatter Monday, Oct. 22.

Students were able to wear crazy hats to school to show their school spirit and excitement for the homecoming game, Oct. 26. This dress up day only requires students to wear one items of clothing rather than an entire outfit.

For freshman Julianna Rosik she was able to wear a hat because of the easy accessibility to a lot of options. She is glad that this year, as her first homecoming, she gets to be involved in the daily activities.

“My dad has a lot of interesting things in his closet and I happend to find this really cool hat,” Rosik said. “For most people I don’t think it was too hard to dress up. I like the pajama day the most because it will be interesting to see everyone in PJs. I’m happy to be a part of the activities going on this year and not just be e viewer and being able to root for my class.”

Junior Daniel Moore chose to wear blue bunny ears along with dying his eyebrows bright orange.

“At Calvin Crest in eighth grade I died my hair and eyebrows orange and so I thought it would look cool with blue bunny ears,” Moore said. “Today was easy, but the other ones aren’t so easy. I don’t know how I’m going to come with a pirate costume. I think today is my favorite out of all of them.”

For Moore, dressing up is part of the homecoming experience which also allows students to wear things they normally could not.

“Homecoming week is unique,” Moore said. “For example, today is one of the only days you can wear a hat in class. And teachers let you wear crazy costumes to school. It’s a lot of fun.”

Math teacher David Lee also participates in the themed days, including Mad Hatter Monday.

“One of the students hooked me up,” Lee said. “
Ethan Andrew, ’16, felt that since I’m a joke anyway I should be wearing a joker hat. This is the week of homecoming. This is our chance to show our school spirit. It’s a great opportunity to get involved in the school.”

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