My introduction to Casting Crowns was at Spirit West Coast in August, ?04. I have been an admirer of Casting Crowns’ great music and powerful lyrics since. Their new album, Come to the Welll, is one I find worth listening to.

At first, I had no idea what to expect from the album. I hadn’t listened to their music in a while, so I was really hoping the album would be good. The 12-song album instantly met my expectations at its release, Oct. 18.

The album’s title has an important meaning behind it, as the collection is based on the story of the woman at the well. The band conveys the idea that Jesus is like a well, because at any time we can go to him and quench our spiritual thirst.

Casting Crowns invites you, like the woman, to ‘Come to the Well’ and receive the life that Jesus is offering for you today. However, God has some expectations he wants from us, too. Casting Crowns discusses the relationship between us and God with their first song on the album, “Courageous.”

“Where are you, men of courage?/ You were made for so much more/ Let the pounding of hearts cry/ We will serve the Lord.”

The influential lyrics in this song quickly drew me in. The song talks about how listeners should focus their desires on God instead of on worldly influences. God made us to be courageous, so Casting Crowns suggests that we must learn to be confident to honor him.

Casting Crowns does an excellent job making the lyrics applicable to challenging circumstances. We all know that life gets tough, and Casting Crowns offers a collections of lyrics to help the hopeless feel a bit more courageous. While listening to this song, I was able to apply the lyrics to different aspects of my life multiple times, while gaining a little hope and boldness myself.

On top of the outstanding lyrics, the music in the song “Courageous,” is very fun to listen to, or rather, rock out to.

One of my personal favorite songs from this collection is ?My Own Worst Enemy,? in which Casting Crowns explains that we are at war against ourselves.

“I caught a glimpse in my rearview mirror/ Of an old familiar face/ Blurry image coming in clearer/ Of a past I can’t erase/ I could’ve sworn I put him in the ground/ But looks like he’s found his way out.”

The lyrics go on to talk about how it is our duty to rely on God to “break the chains” of our own worst enemy, which is ultimately ourself. When we are able to finally get past the burden holding us back, we will be set free.

The song ?Jesus, Friend of Sinners,? informs the audience that even through times of trial, we can rely on Jesus who will is always ready to comfort us.

“You love every lost cause/ You reach for the outcast/ For the leper and the lame/ They’re the reason that You came/ Lord, I was that lost cause/ And I was the outcast/ But You died for sinners just like me/ A grateful leper at Your feet.”

Throughout the album, Come to the Well, the theme remains the same, which is that our entire life rests in the hands of God. Additionally, it relies on our own decisions to abandon everything that we have in order to submit to Him.

The music in this album is pretty diverse. While some songs edge closer to the pop/rock genre, others are softer for some easy listening.

Overall, the album is very uplifting and will give you a feeling hope and confidence, Christian or not. So if you are looking for some new bands to listen to, start with Casting Crowns, and take a chance with this album.

You can purchase the album on Itunes, Amazon, or at your local music store for $9.99.

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