To teach his classes about nutrition, junior high science teacher Terry Richards, not pictured, gave his seventh grade class an assignment that focused on the content of foods.

“The objective of presenting food groups is to increase awareness of good nutrition,” Richards said. “Students will be using several methods: posters, PowerPoint, game show or pictures.”

For their project, seventh grader Tyler Rouse, left, and his partner, William Liao, compared non-fat milk, low-fat milk and cream cheese.

“I learned how to eat healthy, and not to eat so much fatty foods,” Liao said. “I am glad I do not like cream cheese, because it is not healthy.”

The pair decided that the healthiest item of the three was low-fat milk, because of its relatively high calcium content and low fat concentration.

“I’ve learned that calcium is great for the bones’ structure and teeth, and that it is not good to eat fatty foods, but instead, healthy foods,” Rouse said.

The students will present their projects on Feb. 3.

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