Dear assistant Webmaster:

I am glad to see another intelligent young man has been charged with the rigorous job of Feather Webmaster. My years spent in that position taught me many things, and I would like to impart some advice to you as you take over this prestigious position. Two things I learned and practiced while I was Webmaster have proven to be my most valuable assets in college.

First, when Stobbe (or anyone, for that matter) asks you a question, you must be able to think on your feet. Pausing and uttering “um” is certainly not a good thing. You will learn how to have answers available on your mind so you can answer questions without hesitation.

I recently put these skills to the test again this past Saturday when I demoed a microcontroller for embedded systems for incoming engineer students at Fresno State. I continue to practice and improve this skill daily; learning this skill will make you a valuable asset to any company you decide to work for during your career.

For my second piece of advice, while the teachers at FC teach you problem solving, nothing will hone your skills like a real job. Programming The Feather is a real job; practicing your skills here will give you an advantage when looking at colleges and careers.

When you really dive into programming, you will have the temptation to simply ask for help, either from [David] Martens or [Andrew] Rurik. You may come across something where you have no choice but to receive help, and that is okay. However, make that your last option. Solve the problem yourself. Push yourself. You’ll become a better programmer, and you will have strengthened your problem solving skills.

As you make this transition to Webmaster, I wish you the best of luck. May you continue to raise the level of excellence for The Feather Online.

In Christ,

Matthew Shattuck, former Webmaster