The lights, the crowds, the music . . . the energy of New York City attracts people craving adventure and exitement. Last year the campus journalism class voyaged to this famous city and plans to undergo the experience once again this year.

“Broadway was my favorite part of New York,” Anne Hierholzer, ’05, said. “It was amazing to get out of a Broadway play at midnight and then go eat cheesecake at a restaurant in Times Square.”

While in Manhattan the group will attend the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s 80th annual journalism convention at Columbia University from March 13-18, 2005.

“The convention last year was really cool,” Hierholzer said. “We got to take classes from professional writers at the New York Times and meet journalism students from all over the country.”

Other journalism students agree the convention helped improve their writing skills.

“The conference reaffirmed what Stobbe had been cramming in our heads all year,” Randy Hill, ’04, said. “It was a good learning experience.”

Students look forward to the trip back to New York next year.

“I’d love to go again next year,” Hierholzer said. “The conference really improved my writing skills and New York City was amazing.”

A non-refundable deposit will be required for this school-sponsored trip.

“Midnight trips to White Castle Burgers was my highlight of last year’s trip,” Hill said. “I encourage all journalism students to attend. It’s the most fun you’ll have in this class all year and worth the money.”

This will be Stobbe’s 4th educational trip to New York City since taking over the journalism program nine years ago.

“”While students love to see the sights, sounds and atmosphere of New York,”” Stobbe said, “”the conference solidifies previous student learning and gives them confidence that the things they were previously taught are accurate and can be applicable to the professional world.””

For more information, call Stobbe at 299-1695, ext. 151 or e-mail him at for a tentative itinerary including sightseeing and Broadway plays.

Read the May 28, 2003, online Feather article, “”Journalism trip to NYC highlights year”” for more information on the 2003 trip.