As students study for core classes this fall, many are also preparing to take Scholarship Aptitude Test (SAT) and/or the Preliminary Scholarship Aptitude Test (PSAT). Most colleges and universities use the nationalized tests to determine acceptance and placement.

However, as campus prepares for standardized exams, teachers have already been preparing students.

“As an English teacher for many years, I’d say the best way to prepare is to do a lot of reading and vocabulary,” vice principal Ginger Niemeyer said. “We already do this in our English classes; I believe that it is the same for math. We have a very strong honors math program here at Fresno Christian.”

Teachers often use SAT scores to evaluate students’ abilities, as well as understand what other teacher’s taught and what may need to be taught in the future.

“I don’t see the need to take the SATs,” Katie Snow, ’03, said. “I know I’m retarded already but I guess they are important.”

Carl Brigham developed the Scholarship Aptitude Test in 1926, when it was administered experimentally to a few thousand college applicants. Since then, the SAT has evolved dramatically and is now used by many colleges as a requirement for applicants.

“A lot of colleges are making it optional to take the SAT or the ACT,” Niemeyer said. “Of course, ACT will tell you it is a better test to take, but that is your choice.”

The ACT assesses the high school students’ ability to complete college-level work.

“It’s important to do the SATs and do as best you can,” Amanda Pjerrou, ’02, said. “It is an important part of your future. It helps you get into a good school, and good schools are important.”

Niemeyer added that SATs are another indicator of a students’ ability despite what their GPA may show.

“I believe the SATs are important because it shows the colleges your scores and abilities differently than grades do,” Niemeyer said. “Sometimes grades show how hard a student works but grades don’t always show the ability or the intelligence of the student.”

Sophomores also understand the importance of the SAT.

“I want to get into a good college,” Rajani Elek, ’04, said, “so I think the PSATs and SATs are a helpful way to prepare for the work.

“I believe the SATs are important because it shows the colleges your scores, and sometimes grades show how hard a student works,” Elek continued. “Grades don’t always show the ability or the intelligence of the student.”

For those want more information, sample test questions are available, as well as individualized help for test preparation at sites such as Students can also contact Niemeyer for more information.

SAT registration for the Nov. 3 test date at Fresno State needs to be completed by Sept. 28 but can be turned in late with an additional fee. The next PSAT is scheduled on campus for Oct. 16 and costs $10.

A little bit of history: As of 1997, the¬†Scholarship Aptitude Test or¬†Scholastic Assessment Test actually is just known as the SAT and now doesn’t officially mean its formal names.

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